Investment in gold and other precious metals is gaining popularity

Bonds and stocks were considered to be a reliable method of investment since the past several years, but the recent economic uncertainty has caused a lot of investors to reconsider their investment plans. Even though some people consider that bonds and stocks might still be a better option to invest in, because of the consistent return on investment in the form of dividends etc, you might want to consider new forms of investments and re-plan your investment strategy.

Investment in gold and precious metal has been explored and advocated by investment experts including Peter Schiff, who prefer them over paper currency and paper investments. The way you can invest in precious metals is by purchasing coins, bullion or solid bars made of tangible metal. Financial experts also recommend investment in tangible metals and they also recommend that a diversity of metals should be invested in, such as platinum, silver and gold. Bullion or solid bars of unadulterated metals should be bought, and you can easily find dealers who specialize in the sale of precious metal.

You may also be able to find and shop for tangible metals online from websites, but it would be better if you find a physical dealer in your area who has been dealing in the sale and purchase of precious metals and stones. Some people also purchase or gift items made from tangible precious metals such as on corporate events and anniversaries. Products and collectibles made from precious metals can also be bought for investment purposes, or collected as a hobby.

There are a number of ways you can invest in gold, as gold is a popular investment hedge against any economic, political and social crises. Secondly, gold is universally valued so you can buy and sell it almost anywhere. The 3 most popular methods of investing in gold is by buying and physically owning gold bullion in the form of bars or coins. Secondly, you can invest in Gold ETFs or some Exchange Traded Funds which are special type of exchange-traded funds that track and spot the price of gold and are traded on major stock exchanges. The third way of investing in gold is to buy gold production stocks, which are shares in gold mining companies. However, the best bet is to always buy gold bullion physically. You could take a look at platinum group metals (PGM).

Some people also consider numismatic and collectible coins as a good investment. However, when compared to investment in bullion coins, the market for numismatic and collectible coins is less likely to give a good profit as the market for numismatic coins is much smaller. So if you are deciding on an option of investment other than stocks and bonds, you should look into all the options available and which ones will be more profitable for you.

Lastly, before you consider investment in precious metals, make sure you shop around and survey for the best shops. Try to find the best deals and also look for dealers who have been doing business in precious metals since the past several years and have a strong clientele. This way, you will be sure you have bought from a trusted source and you will also be able to sell your investments at a later time at a good price, and not worry about the bullion or bars to be of poor quality.