DebtEye Product Review

Navigating your way through the complex maze in the debt relief world can be frustrating and confusing.  With different debt relief options out there today, how do you know which is the best decision for you?  There’s no “one size fits all” program in the debt relief world since everyone’s situation is unique in its own way.

DebtEye takes the guesswork out of the process and helps you find the optimal way to get out of debt without using expensive third party companies that you hear on late night infomercials.  These commercials promise outrageous savings and imply some type of guarantee.

DebtEye was featured on websites such as Mashable, TheNextWeb, and VisionWiz.  This company is the Turbo Tax for the debt relief industry and strives to bring transparency into an industry that has been tarnished by unscrupulous companies taking advantage of people.

So how is DebtEye different than a debt settlement company?  First and foremost, most debt settlement companies charge outrageous fees to get your debts settled.  Typically, they charge 15-18% of your TOTAL debt amount or they charge you 25-30% of what they save you.  So if you had about $20,000 in debt, you would be looking at more than $3k in fees!  DebtEye never recommends debt settlement if you’re currently on time with your bills.  Unlike other companies, these “sales representatives” will sugarcoat the program to get you in the door.

The registration process is pretty painless and straight forward.   DebtEye pulls your Transunion credit report (free of charge, and it doesn’t affect your credit) to populate all the accounts you have.  You can manually enter your debts or exclude them from the program if you want.  After doing so, you’ll see your potential savings for each account.  DebtEye will explain how each program works and let you choose the program you want to enroll in.  They will never push you into any one direction!

DebtEye provides full transparency throughout the program.  You’ll be able to see how much money you’ve saved up, how much you’ve paid off, and the letters that were sent to the creditors.

If you’re looking for a debt relief program, definitely make sure you stop by DebtEye to check them out.  Making the right decision to tackle your debts is critical to your success.  It will ultimately dictate whether you fail or graduate from the program.