Everything Finance Monthly Roundup – The “Freak Snowstorm” Edition

The tentacles of winter are approaching many areas of the country.  Just a few weeks ago Denver was hit by a snowstorm and this past weekend, some parts of the Northeast saw a freak October snow storm that blanketed some areas with up to 20 inches of snow.  It won’t be long before much of the country is enveloped in the white stuff.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the days of fall.

Around the web, here are my favorite reads this week:

20’s Finance offers What Should Your First Investment Be? For a first time investor, the entire process can be intimidating.  20’s Finance offers a solid answer to the question, what should you invest in first?

-Barbara at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance offers five pieces of evidence that The Economy Is Turning Around.  I, along with most of the country, hope she is right.

-A lot has been said lately about the top 1% income earners in the U.S., but Money Reason’s, The Cost of Being a Top 1% Earner demonstrates the side we rarely see.

-Robert at My Multiple Incomes reminds us that Maximizing Income Equals Minimizing Expenses.  You can grow more money both by earning it and conserving it.  Great tips including how to handle pesky Pay Pal fees.

-Organic food is expensive, but many more people are buying it now or trying to save costs and grow it themselves.  101 Centavos shares the benefits and drawbacks of the community garden he helped spearhead in Community Garden FAIL!

-The couple behind The 60K Project have recently paid off $60,000 in debt and are considering buying a house.  She asks, “When do you decide that it’s time to buy instead of rent?” in her post Is It Time for Us to Buy a House?

The Debt Myth features a guest post by Mike and Molly who paid off $35,000 in 7 months simply by cutting their expenses!  Read the full account in the post, Rolling in Debt and Then Paying It Off.

Prairie Eco Thrifter, a vegetarian herself, offers The Eco Friendly Benefits of Being Vegetarian stating, “When it comes to helping the environment, adopting a meat-free lifestyle can be one of the best things that you can do to play your part.”

-Charles at MoneyGreenLife shares his take on certain insurance policies in the post, 5 Useless Insurance Policies.

Beating the Index shares which oil companies might be good ones to invest in in his post, Investing in Oil–5 Junior Oil Stocks for 2012.

Invest with Passion writes How to Evaluate Stocks for Investment and shares his method–SWOT.

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