The Savings Experiment

Today I would like inform you about a new website called “The Savings Experiment”. It is a part of AOL News and their main sponsor is Bank of America.

The Savings Experiment website features a weekly video that examines a common money-saving idea and determines whether the benefits are really there.

The Savings Experiment came about as a way to show consumers what things really cost, and where the real value is.

The first two videos debunked whether or not you can save money by making your own “fast food” tacos yourself (result: yes, sort of, but you’d end up making a whole batch of tacos vs. just making one), and whether homemade soda really makes good financial sense (result: it’s more trouble to make your own, but certainly cost-effective and more environmentally friendly).

The Savings Experiment is running 10 experiments to see what things really cost, and where the real value is.

Watch a new video each week, and get some extra cost-saving advice on the side.

This week the video is about how much money can you really save by unplugging all those electricity drains?

I feel that answering these type of questions via video is very valuable.
So please check back regularly with The Savings Experiment website. I know I will.

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