5 Golden Rules For Investing In Annuity

Regardless of your age, your retirement is something that should never be too far away from your thoughts. But as you begin to reach a ‘certain age’, the importance that your pension holds and the role it will play in your future becomes a much more real prospect.

The earlier you start a pension fund, the greater the rewards. But, the tick-tocking of retirement draws closer, people begin to look at making investments to help bolster their pension pot. One concept many people consider is finding an annuity payment from someone who specializes in investment management. This pays a guaranteed income for life, but is subject to varying interest rates.

To Risk Or Not To Risk?

Knowing what options are available to you will help put you in great stead when it comes to making the most of your hard earned cash. With this in mind, it is always worth seeking financial management advice from a specialist advisor. Using their experience and expertise, they will be able to guide you in finding the right financial retirement plan.

The recent low level of annuity interest rates has seen many people lose out on their investments. This means the amount of guaranteed income paid that can be purchased from a pension fund is at its lowest ever level. This only emphasizes the need for investors to consider their options in even more detail.

So if you’re considering investing through annuity, what things must you consider?

Golden Rule #1

Ensure that you have other sources of income or capital to fall back on. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. In today’s climate, there is no guarantee that annuity rates will improve should your decision be deferred so it’s important be stable should your future income fall in value.

Golden Rule #2

Make sure you understand the risks that are involved with your chosen annuity investment. Investments can come with a number of possible outcomes and inconsistent variables so be sure that you fully understand your investment and its consequences

Golden Rule #3

Make sure you have considered all options available to you. The beauty of retirement is that it can be what you make it and, depending on your income, there are a number of options you can opt for.

Golden Rule #4

A risk is a risk for a reason. Many people facing retirement face what is called a ’risk paradox’ between option of guaranteed annuity no longer proving a just investment due to rising inflation. Not only that, your personal circumstances may change, opening up a number of possibilities for you to consider.

Golden Rule #5

Acquire the services of a retirement specialist financial advisor that has experience with structured products. With their experience and expertise in retirement planning and the options available to you, they will be able to offer guidance on how to invest your money. They will take the time to understand you, your financial situation and your retirement plans before suggesting the most beneficial and secure route.

Make The Most Of Your Retirement

By following these golden rules, you will be able to make the most of your pension pot, giving you the options to plan the retirement you deserve.


In today’s economic climate, making the most of your heard earned savings is something that takes consideration and assistance according to Phil Warrington. He recommends attaining the services of reputable financial advisors who specialise in retirement planning, Guardian Wealth Management.