I, Tushar Mathur have been blogging about Personal Finance since January, 2007. This has helped me recognize what topics readers like and relate to.
The goal is to spot good news-worthy info and get it out to the public as soon as possible.

I maintain this Personal Finance blog called Everything Finance. The blog articles fall under these categories: Investing, saving money, shopping, blogging and making money online.

Here I answer some questions related to Personal Finance, that will give an idea of where I’m coming from.

What is your top financial goal right now?
My top goal right now is to set up a savings account for the new baby (our second bundle of joy), so that I can have enough saved up for his/her college education.

If you had a million dollars what would you do?
A million dollars would be enough for us to live comfortably if we maintain our current living standard.  All our bills, savings and investments are on autopilot, so no worries there.  I would quit my day job and concentrate fully on my website business. Since my business would be location independent, I would love to travel with my wife as much as possible.

What’s your area of financial weakness?
Buying the latest tech gadgets.  This weakness of mine has the potential to increase my credit card debt. Although I don’t have any credit card debt, I’m scared for myself .

What’s your area of financial strength?
Since the very beginning, I have followed the money philosophy of “Pay Yourself First”. My wife and I put money in our savings first. Then we budget for our expenses.

What book has been most inspiring or helpful in your journey?
When I started blogging, I was very impressed with the book “A Quiet Millonaire”. It helped me create a comfortable emergency fund and also helped me set my savings on autopilot.

What’s your best advice to people looking to cut expenses?
The best advice that I can give is to always pay off the full credit card balance each month. If you can’t then, that means you are living beyond your income and that’s the worst. Also, always be on the lookout for saving money on utilities by calling your current companies and asking them if they have deals or you. Believe it or not, they always have something that you can take advantage of.

What’s your best advice to people looking to put their kids through college?
Start saving for college when your kid is in the womb OR as early as possible. Tuition expenses are only going to go up, so start early. I wrote about saving for kids’ education on my blog as well.

What’s your favorite savings vehicle and why?
For me, the fact that I can put money in various savings accounts before I get my hands on it is the best savings vehicle. Then, whether it be the 401K, or Roth IRA or plain savings account, it doesn’t matter.

Who has inspired you the most as a steward of your finances?
When me and my wife were starting our savings journey, we used to watch the Suze Orman Show. We followed her advice of “People first, then money, then things.” We still do.

What’s your most powerful or favorite financial tool?
It has to be Mint.com. I can see my entire Financial Living at a glance. I can keep track of my income and expenses easily. And they have an iPhone app.

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