Benefits to Using Cash over Credit

Published on Mar 14 2012 // Credit Cards, Debt, Supporter
Benefits to Using Cash over Credit
Many people rarely carry cash; instead, they use their credit cards for all of their daily transactions.  There are plenty of good reasons to use credit—it is easily accessible, you can track your expenses every month through your credit statement, you don’t have to worry about running out of money,...

Is it okay to spend money when I still have debt?

Published on Feb 16 2012 // Credit Cards, Debt
Is it okay to spend money when I still have debt?
My husband and I have paid off more than $14,000 in debt in the past two years of our marriage. We still have another $20,000 to go in student loans. But we recently decided to upgrade from a small studio loft to a two-bedroom townhome. So I have to ask: Is it okay to spend money when I still have debt? The...

Can You Live a Cash Only Life?

Published on Feb 15 2012 // Credit Cards, Debt, Finance 101, Popular
Can You Live a Cash Only Life?
This may sound like a silly question but credit card companies would lead you to believe it is not possible to live a cash only life. Their marketing teams push hard to make us believe life without a credit card is just not possible. Those of us that have been in debt or are struggling to get out know...

Lessons learned from Christmas Spending

Published on Dec 29 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance, Shopping
Did you go overboard with your Christmas spending this year? I know I did. Every year, I vow to stick to a budget for Christmas. Every year, I fail. My problem is not just spending money on presents, but also all the extra spending that is done throughout the month, such as eating take-out a lot more...

Is 650 a Good Credit Score?

Published on Nov 30 2011 // Credit Cards, Debt, Finance 101
Is 650 a Good Credit Score?
Like it or not, your credit score can affect where you are hired, how much money you pay in interest over the course of a loan and whether or not you can even qualify for a loan.  Since the start of the Great Recession and the housing market downturn, it is increasingly difficult to even obtain a loan. ...

5 Crucial Tips to Build Your Credit Score

Published on Nov 22 2011 // Credit Cards
David Bakke writes about finance topics on Money Crashers, a blog focused on educating readers about important topics like budgeting, living frugally, saving for retirement, investing, and getting the most out of life. Having a solid and healthy credit score is the first layer of a solid financial foundation....

Guide to credit cards

Published on Nov 01 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
In principle, a credit card is quite a simple idea: you can spend money up front, then repay it over a period of time. The sooner you repay the money you’ve borrowed, in general, the less interest you’ll pay on it. In recent years, though, we’ve seen more and more specialized cards...

The High Price of Credit Card Penalties

Published on Oct 06 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards, Financial News, How To Guide, Savings
We live in a world where bad deeds often go unpunished. However, in the MasterCard Universe (Visa, Discover and American Express, too), cardholders deemed guilty of irresponsible repayment behavior by their card issuer are penalized – usually heavily – by a spike in their APR. “The best way to...

Is Now the Time to Apply? Credit Card Offers At Every Corner

Published on Oct 05 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards, Financial News, Investing
Is Now the Time to Apply? Credit Card Offers At Every Corner
If your mailbox is stuffed full of credit card offers, you may be contemplating opening one of them up. After sifting through all the junk credit offers, you might actually find a diamond in the rough. Because of the economy, credit card issuers are going to town when it comes to credit card marketing...

Mastercard Wants to Woo the Wealthy

Across the globe, 85% of retail transactions currently are made by means of cash or check, reports American Banker website.  MasterCard sees that number as an opportunity, according to President and Chief Executive Ajay Banga, as it provides a big audience for them to target. MasterCard wants to promote...

How To Eliminate Debt

Published on Sep 28 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards, Financial News, How To Guide
Jerry and Sue Bailey, residents of Jackson, MI, accomplished the tremendous feat of paying off 92 thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. This debt they had begun amassing in 1992 and lasted all the way until 2005. Their debts spanned over 17 different credit cards. On these cards, they charged the...

Interest Rates Dip, While APRs Rise

Published on Sep 23 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards, Financial News, Mortgage
The American economy is all topsy-turvy right now. Just this week, the Federal Reserve announced that it will keep long-term interest rates at a record low. Short term rates are already at record lows and they will continue to stay that way until the middle of 2013. That is, if the Fed has their way. Contrary...

Platinum Card from American Express Review

Published on Sep 21 2011 // Credit Card Reviews, Credit Cards
Platinum Card from American Express Review
The The Platinum Card® from American Express is a card that caters to affluent customers who enjoy the finer things and are looking for travel benefits and perks.  It has a steep $450 annual fee, but in return, it offers an impressive array of benefits. There is no APR with this card as the balance...

Much Ado About Nothing – Pointless Credit Card “Perks”

Published on Sep 19 2011 // Banking, Credit Card Reviews, Credit Cards
In an effort to make themselves stand out from the slew of credit card offers being sent out daily that are designed to entice creditworthy consumers into applying for new lines of credit, some card issuers are plumping up the perks associated with their particular brand of plastic. However, those hunting...

Visa Black Card Review

Published on Sep 14 2011 // Credit Card Reviews, Credit Cards
Visa Black Card Review
The Visa Black Card is a unique card made of carbon, not plastic, that touts impressive benefits for its members, but also carries hefty fees.  This card is available for a limited number of members (1% of the American population) and may be a good fit for those who travel frequently and are looking...

Discover Cancels Disposable Debit

Published on Sep 09 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards
The days of disposable debit card numbers are now done for Discover’s customers. The program called “Secure Online Account Numbers” and enabled customers to pick a unique credit card number for doing transactions safely online. For example, if a customer didn’t feel comfortable putting their...
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