Ways to Workout and Lose Weight for Free

Published on Jun 17 2014 // How To Guide, Savings
Ways to Workout and Lose Weight for Free
Every summer, women everywhere start wondering how they’re going to make it through swimsuit season. There is a big misconception out there that losing weight and being healthy has to be an expensive endeavor. But these days, there are so many programs available that are free and will help you lose...

How to Negotiate a Raise

Published on Feb 19 2014 // Career, How To Guide
How to Negotiate a Raise
There are usually two things people recommend when you’re working on paying off debt: spend less and make more. Spending less is usually the easy part, but it’s the earning more that often has people in a quandary. Of course we want to earn more money, who doesn’t? When paying off debt, many people...

6 Strategies to Negotiate to Lower Your Bills

Published on Jan 27 2014 // Debt, How To Guide
If you’re still feeling the pinch from holiday spending, one strategy you can use to lower your expenses is to negotiate to lower your bills or seek out a payment plan.  Companies are often willing to work with customers to make payments more manageable.  (They’d rather get your money slowly...

How to save money on pet costs

Published on Jan 17 2014 // How To Guide
How to save money on pet costs
A month after getting married, my husband and I inherited our pup from a family friend. Essentially, he’s always been a member of our family. When my husband would work 24-hour shifts, Bentley is the one who would keep me company. So there’s really very little I wouldn’t do for my dog and I always...

How to Save the Most Money on Black Friday

Published on Nov 26 2013 // How To Guide, Shopping
It’s tempting every year. Maybe you need a new television, or a washer/dryer set, and are thinking you could save a lot of money by buying on Black Friday. Chances are you probably don’t even need any of these items but the allure of Black Friday and its sales that are supposed to be the...

How to get the best deal on a refrigerator

Published on Sep 26 2013 // How To Guide
Well, it was bound to happen some time, and now we’re left looking for the best deal on a refrigerator. We bought our current fridge about 2.5 years ago, used from a co-worker, for $50. At the time, we were downsizing from a one-bedroom apartment to a shack—or guesthouse in someone’s backyard....

Two Affordable DIY Summer Learning Activities With Magnets

Published on Jul 09 2013 // How To Guide, Kids and College
Two Affordable DIY Summer Learning Activities With Magnets
Now that summer is here, you have probably heard the words, “I’m bored” come from your child’s mouth a few times. It can be frustrating trying to constantly entertain your children. In fact, most of the time they don’t even want to be entertained, but instead they want to be challenged. Give...

How to Save Money on Utilities

Published on Jul 08 2013 // How To Guide
With the summer heat on the rise, a sure thing to increase besides the price of gas is your electricity bill. Air conditioning can definitely add up quickly and will be sure to strain your summer budget if you’re not careful. Here are some tips and tricks for saving money on your utilities. Keep the...

Cheap Ideas for a Fourth of July Party

Published on Jun 27 2013 // How To Guide
Summer has officially begun and with that comes the numerous outdoor party options, barbeques, and get-togethers. The Fourth of July is known for hot dogs, beer, friends and fireworks. It doesn’t take much to throw together a fabulous party that your friends will enjoy. Too often we get bogged down...

How to save up for a down payment

Published on May 21 2013 // Housing Market, How To Guide, Savings
It’s not any secret that my husband and I are vying to be homeowners. Home ownership has always been a goal of ours, but it has often taken the back burner to more pressing things, like graduate school, job training requirements, and paying down the last $14,000 of our student loan debt. We’ve been...

How to Prep for a Garage Sale

Published on May 08 2013 // How To Guide
When in the process of paying off debt, you’ll find that you’ll do pretty much anything to try and make more money to pay off that debt a lot faster. Let’s face it—being poor sucks, and watching your hard-earned money go toward debt repayments is a total downer. For this reason, garage sales...

5 Easy (& Inexpensive) Ways To Get Cultured

Published on Apr 05 2013 // How To Guide
5 Easy (& Inexpensive) Ways To Get Cultured
If you want to become a more cultured individual, you don’t have to take a private plane to see an opera (Pretty Woman reference anyone?) In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot of money at all to learn something new, acquire a unique skill, or witness a beautiful piece of art. If you’d...

How to Split the Check with Friends

Published on Mar 28 2013 // How To Guide, Personal Finance
It’s probably happened to everyone at one point or another; you go to dinner with friends, everyone has a great time, and then the check arrives and things get awkward. How do you split the check with friends without looking cheap? Let’s look at the different options available on how to split...

Make Money Now: How to Sell Your Books Online

Published on Feb 14 2013 // Earning Money, How To Guide
Make Money Now: How to Sell Your Books Online
As an English major, I graduated with a hefty pile of classical books to my name. Your school bookstore normally gives you pennies to the dollar for the price you paid for the book, but I often wondered if I was more of a fool to keep these books and have them collect dust rather than selling them and...

How to stick with your goals for the new year

Published on Jan 06 2013 // Debt, How To Guide, New Year
How to stick with your goals for the new year
It seems to happen every year–everyone makes these great New Year’s resolutions and goals, start off strong in achieving them, and end up slacking off by the third week of January. You wouldn’t be the only one that this happens to. Scientists agree that it takes approximately three...

Recovering from a Financial Holiday Hangover

Published on Dec 19 2012 // Budgeting, Featured, How To Guide, Personal Finance, Shopping
Recovering from a Financial Holiday Hangover
Okay, I’ll fess up first. I’m one of the millions of Americans that fails to save for the holidays. Yes, I’m aware there are holiday savings accounts and regular savings accounts and shoe boxes and all sorts of other neat tricks to help you save for the festive time of the year, but what can I...
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