Pursuing Long Term Investment Opportunities: How to Maximize your Financial Returns

Published on Nov 22 2013 // Investing
A HSBC report released during the Spring has revealed that the world is in the grip of pensions crisis, with the vast majority of citizens in a number of developed economies failing to save the necessary capital to fund their retirement. While this is primarily due to an unstable employment market and...

AnyOption: A Binary Option Trading System

Published on Oct 25 2013 // Options
As the economy is heading towards a slowdown, people are in search of reliable and better sources of earning a regular income. Investing in stock market is undoubtedly profitable, but nothing is better than investing your money in binary options. Seeing this rise in the popularity of the binary options,...

Trade the FTSE and DAX CFDs from 0.75 pips with Saxo Capital Markets

Published on Sep 28 2013 // Investing
In their latest promotion, Saxo Capital Markets, online trading specialists in forex, stocks and other derivatives, are offering all new clients the opportunity to trade the FTSE and DAX CFDs from just 0.75 pips. As the financial markets are susceptible to major developments in the wider world, such...

Investing in commercial real estate in 2013

Published on Sep 09 2013 // Investing
Investing in commercial real estate in 2013
Commercial real estate investors ready to turn the page Thwarted by a continued uncertainty, a languid recovery and a challenging environment for investment, investors are looking forward to put the past behind them and turn over a new leaf, according to a new annual report titled “Expectations &...

How to trade overseas

Published on Sep 03 2013 // Investing
If you are keen to expand your business by dealing outside of the UK, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not do so. Sometimes you may need to invest in funding certain aspects of your expansion, with the good news being that organisations like wongaforbusiness and others might be able...

Investing in Real Estate…How the Market Continues to Change

Published on Jul 24 2013 // Investing
Investing in real estate is the two-edged sword of finance.  Many people lock up their monies in it, based on the old saw that land is always valuable because they aren’t making it anymore. While that’s true to an extent, value isn’t an intrinsic characteristic.  It’s assigned...

What Are The 6 Best Investment Options in 2013?

Published on Jul 15 2013 // Investing
What Are The 6 Best Investment Options in 2013?
Every investor is always looking for advice on the next big money-maker. Smart investors are the ones who develop their own systems for determining which will be the best ways to commit their money. In 2013, the smart money is going to be found in emerging markets and investments that will pave the way...

3 Smart and Simple Ways to Start Investing

Published on Apr 19 2013 // Investing
3 Smart and Simple Ways to Start Investing
When you want to start saving money for the future, the information out there can be completely overwhelming. So below, I’ve included three smart and simple ways to get your retirement savings off to a good start. 1. Get Your Full Company 401k Match During the financial crash of 2008, many companies...

Top Technical Indicators in the Stock Market

Published on Mar 21 2013 // Investing
Top Technical Indicators in the Stock Market
As W. D. Gann had rightly said “I found that over ninety per cent of the traders who go into the market without knowledge or study usually lose in the end.” Technical Indicators can play a major role when you are unsure whether to enter or exit trades. They help you in predicting the stock market...

Diversifying With American Gold Eagles

Published on Mar 05 2013 // Gold
When the economic future looks uncertain, many people turn to gold bullion for investments. This tangible form of financial security seems to offer some safety when other financial investments seem unstable. Gold values rise and fall, but gold bullion remains a steady favorite for investors. This could...

My Financial Resolutions for 2013

Published on Dec 26 2012 // Budgeting, Featured, Investing, New Year
My Financial Resolutions for 2013
I’m not a big believer in the whole Mayan calendar prediction thing, so I’ve opted not to drain all my accounts or start prepping for doomsday. Since the holidays are now behind us and we’ll still be around come 2013, it’s time to turn our attention to getting our financial houses in order. Don’t...

How to Invest When the Economy Picks Up

Published on Dec 03 2012 // Housing Market, Investing, Personal Finance
How to Invest When the Economy Picks Up
Everyone seems to be living in suspended financial hibernation these days. The economy has been in the toilet for quite some time now, but if history teaches us anything, chances are it will bounce back at some point down the line. Will you be prepared? Saving for an emergency fund is a critical move...

How Pinterest Ruined My Retirement

How Pinterest Ruined My Retirement
Okay, okay – I know the post title is a touch on the dramatic side. But not really. See, I’ve known about Pinterest for quite some time, but I’ve never really used it before. I’m an SEO and social media writer by trade. That’s why it was inevitable that I would eventually have to break...

What to Invest in Now

Published on Oct 24 2012 // P2P Lending
After the financial crash of 2008, the economy has been a little skittish ever since. Investors have been uneasy about putting their money back into regular securities, which has delayed the pace of any kind of recovery along the way. Although sure things are hard to find in the investment market, there...

A Primer on P2P Lending

Published on Oct 16 2012 // P2P Lending
It’s no secret that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is one of the hottest movements in online investing today. However, many people are afraid to jump in because they believe that it’s, well, a scam. People are fearful of new things, especially when it comes to their money. However, P2P lending...

Lending Club: Peer to Peer Lending in the US

Published on Oct 01 2012 // P2P Lending
A form of lending that has become more prevalent in recent times is peer to peer lending. As the name suggests, it focuses on the idea of people lending to each other and to businesses, rather than using the banking system to facilitate such loans. One leading company providing such a service is Lending...
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