Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Here Comes Hurricane Isaac

Published on Aug 26 2012 // Written By // Finance Around The Web

Tropical storm Isaac, soon to be Hurricane Isaac, will likely miss the west cost of Florida, but it will create strong waves and surges.  The Republican National Convention, which will be held in Tampa this year, has been delayed, and people are keeping their fingers crossed that Tampa won’t experience significant flooding.

Around the web, I have been reading some excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

Don’t miss Free Money Finance’s 52 Best Money Saving Tips.  Implement many of these, and you could save thousands of dollars.

Even if you rent, it is still possible to grow your own food with the frugal hobby of gardening, as 20′s Finances shares.

Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog recently got married (congratulations!) and shared photos of his honeymoon in Thailand.

Some people clip coupons and save quite a bit of money, but that can be tedious.  Instead, Prairie Eco Thrifter shows you how to save money at the grocery store without clipping coupons.

Looking to make more money?  Utilize these tips from My Multiple Incomes to negotiate for a higher salary.

Beating Broke quit his job last year, tried his hand at self-employment and is now back to full-time employment.  While he doesn’t regret his decision to quit, he admits he would do a few things differently.

Over at Free from Broke, guest poster One Money Design shares five habits that keep you from achieving your goals.  A good read for everyone.

Aloysa at My Broken Coin is celebrating her 7th wedding anniversary and reflects on their not so stereotypical roles within their marriage.

Untemplater reflects on how to make more time every week, saying, “In just five minutes you can pick up everything off the floor in your messiest room, make a healthy smoothie, answer an important email, pay 10 bills, take the trash out, do 100 situps, practice two interview questionsor waste it and do nothing. Seems so foolish just to do nothing right?!”  Good point!

Are grocery stores trying to get you to spend more?  Of course they are, but Money Beagle points out a strategy grocery stores use that you may not have considered.

Summer is almost over, but you can still take advantage of nice fall days and Letterbox with the kids.  Live Real Now explains how.

Jana at Daily Money Shot has a confession.  You might just be guilty of the same offense.

The Family CEO has a great tip for what to do with diverse income streams.  Have you tried assigning them to specific expenses and goals before?

Can you relate to How’s Married Life’s desire to have a baby, even when recognizing that now is just not the right time?

On a different note, Everything Finance was featured in several blog carnivals recently:

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Thanks to all for including Everything Finance’s posts!



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