Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Here Comes Sandy

Published on Oct 29 2012 // Written By // Finance Around The Web

Hurricane Sandy is just a category 1 storm now, but sometime overnight, it will merge with an Arctic front and the jet stream to become a super storm.  Forecasters are saying it could be the largest storm ever seen in the Atlantic.  If you are on the East coast, stay safe; Sandy is about to become a monster.

Around the web, I have been reading some excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Daily Money Shot shares the inspiring story of Charlie, who became a successful entrepreneur in his seventies!
  2. If you are a blogger, you will want to head over to My Multiple Incomes to learn how to get the most mileage out of your best, most visited posts.
  3. If you are like most Americans, you probably have a graveyard of old electronics in your basement or closets.  Frugal Confessions explains how to declutter and make money off old electronics.
  4. My Journey to Millions examines the Financial Independence movement and when he will reach financial independence.
  5. Are you always late for work?  What Your Boss Really Thinks explains why this is a problem, even if you work through your lunch hour.
  6. Do you like tortilla bowls at your favorite restaurant?  The Family CEO examines an as seen on TV product that gets two thumbs up.
  7. Most people have misconceptions about what working at home is really like.  Prairie Eco Thrifter gives you the reality.
  8. Beating Broke saved some serious money on two iPad repairs.  Here is how.
  9. Everything is marketed to us.  Everything.  Canadian Finance Blog shows how even windshield wipers are marketed to us.
  10. Hello, MTV.  Here is a great suggestion from Young Finances:  Have a show like your hit I Used to Be Fat called I Used to Be in Debt.
  11. Smart on Money shares 3 Helpful Tips for Choosing a 529 College Savings Plan.
  12. Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance shares a 3 post series about the benefits and drawbacks of working as a virtual assistant.
  13. Life and My Finances tells about a side hustle you may never have even known existed.
  14. Would you sell yourself to pay for your education?  That is the interesting question Free from Broke poses.

On a different note, Everything Finance was featured in several blog carnivals recently:

Yakezie Carnival hosted by I Am 1 Percent

Carnival of Money Pros hosted by Young and Thrifty

Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #50 hosted by Wealthy Turtle

Yakezie Carnival  hosted by I Heart Budgets

Carnival of Money Pros   hosted by Vanessa’s Money

Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #51  hosted by My University Money

Yakezie Carnival  hosted by Cult of Money

Lifestyle Carnival  hosted by Blue Collar Workman

Carnival of Money Pros  hosted by Making Sense of Cents

Carnival of Retirement #41 hosted by The College Investor

Yakezie Carnival   hosted by Portfolio Princess

Carnival of Money Pros   hosted by Thirty Six Months

Carnival of Retirement #41  hosted by Financial Conflict Coach

Carnival of Investing #8 hosted by Investeem

Thanks to all of the hosts for including my posts!



Melissa is a freelance writer and mom to three children ages 7, 2 and 1. She blogs at Mom's Plans where she shares how her family is learning to live a fulfilling life on less.

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