Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – Kim Jong Il is Dead Edition

Published on Jan 03 2012 // Written By // Finance Around The Web

The end of 2011 offered some interesting political developments.  The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, died on December 17 and was buried on December 27th.  There is much speculation about his 27 year old son, Kim Jung Un, and whether he has the maturity and experience to lead a country with nuclear power.  Hopefully, North Korea won’t look for trouble as a way to cement Kim Jung Un’s authority.

Around the web, there are plenty of excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

Squirrelers offers an excellent insight in his post, Diversification of Investments AND Income.  Do you diversify your income?  I agree with Squirrelers on this one.

Google Penalized My Site’s Page Rank, and How I Got It Back by My Multiple Incomes is a great post that all bloggers should read.  There are many things to be learned in this post.

101 Centavos shares how he keeps track of blog ideas that pop into his mind at random times in Coffee Break: Blogging in the Shower.

DQYDJ asks, Are College Graduates Better Off Today Than in the Past?  The answer may surprise you.

 Money Crush shares 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Finances.  We are at the beginning of a new year; why not implement some of these strategies to make 2012 better financially?

In How I Got All of This for Almost Free, Tight Fisted Miser explains how he uses Staples cartridge recycling program to get nearly free items stating, “I think the savings from this reward program are well worth the time it takes to recycle cartridges.”

Retire by 40 details his reasons for wanting to retire early in What’s Your Motivation.  Not having to answer to a boss or being chained to a desk for 8 to 9 hours a day are great reasons.  His rationale gets even better when he includes spending more time with his little boy.

Broke Professionals offers, Get Your Accomplishments Noticed stating, “In saner times, perhaps your boss did an evaluation of your performance, or perhaps your customers wrote nice reviews on your outstanding work for them.  How can you make sure your good work is noticed in these tough times?”



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