Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – Lower Unemployment Rates, but Rising Gas Prices

Published on Feb 27 2012 // Written By // Finance Around The Web

Encouraging news was recently released.  Unemployment is at its lowest level since 2008, and it has been falling for the last nine months.  To add more good news, the Dow continues to flirt with 13,000.  However, rising gas prices could put a damper on some of this economic improvement, and the gas prices will probably continue to increase, in part due to the continued unrest in the Middle East.

Around the web, I have been reading some excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey gives away 10% of his blogging income each month.  Part of it goes to a giveaway winner, and part of it goes to a charity.  Yet, rather than sending a check to the charity, he drops it off in person and shares information about the organization and his trip.  I love this idea!

Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog has made excellent progress paying down his debt, but now he has reached a standstill, in part due to his upcoming wedding.  He asks, When Does It Become the New Normal?

Robert at The College Investor explains the difference between term and whole life insurance, stating, “If you are considering getting life insurance, make sure that you are looking at term life insurance, and not whole or any other type of policy.”

If you have spent a number of months (or years) saving enough for a cash emergency fund, you may feel like you are wasting the money if you don’t have it invested somewhere making money.  Jackie at Money Crush explains what you should do with your money in her post, You’ve Got an Emergency Fund – Now What?

LaTisha from Your Finances Simplified offers, Don’t Die the Wrong Way!  She reminds us that death is inevitable, and yet few of us make the appropriate preparations.

Super Frugalette offers a compelling argument for investing in her husband’s 401k rather than using the money to pay down debt.

So Over Debt offers, Getting Out of Debt is Like Using a Public Restroom.  If you are wondering how the two are similar, read the post, and you too, will be convinced she is right.

If you have debt, you may want to focus all of your time and energy to debt repayment.  Jason at Live Real, Now reminds us why this is not necessarily a good idea in his post, The Luxury of Vacation.

Money Beagle advises not to get tunnel vision when it comes to your finances stating, “Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to your finances.  There are potential cracks or chips all over the place, so make sure to give a good look to all areas.”

Squirrelers asks, Do You Buy Girl Scout Cookies?  It is funny how your prospective changes as you grow older and have kids of your own.

Justin at Money Is the Root is growing an online business and shares his successes weekly.  If you are looking to build online income, it is an inspirational read.

On a different note, Everything Finance was featured in several blog carnivals recently:

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Many thanks to all of the hosts for including Everything Finance posts!



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