Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – What’s Going on In the Skies?

Published on Mar 28 2012 // Written By // Finance Around The Web, Personal Finance

Since 9/11, we as a country have gotten used to having a different kind of airline experience.  However, recently there has been trouble on board a few flights, but now the trouble is caused by flight attendants and pilots.  Just a few weeks ago a flight attendant who was bipolar and off her medication terrified passengers with her rants that the plane was going down, and just this week, pilot Clayton Osbon’s behavior was so alarming his co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit.

Flying the friendly skies has probably always been a stressful job, but now with the chronic concern of terrorist attacks, it must be more stressful.  Still, it seems that some change is necessary, perhaps a routine screening for airline staff.

Around the web, I have been reading some excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey guest posted on Budgets Are Sexy about the way he keeps hotel prices affordable.  Excellent advice!  I plan on trying his strategies next time I travel.

Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog recently purchased a house with his fiancee, and they made several smart moves including obtaining a 15 year mortgage with a low interest rate on a loan that is no larger than their total combined salary for a year.

Robert at The College Investor shares 8 ways to use your tax refund wisely.  If you are getting a tax refund, what do you plan to do with the money?

Jackie at Money Crush explains that contentment is a conscious choice and one we should try to make more often.  I agree.

LaTisha from Young Adult Finances suggests that people manage their finances like banks.  Excellent advice and good comparisons.

Super Frugalette is expecting baby #4 and shares how she got everything she needed for baby for less than $1,000.  Impressive work!

Do you hate looking for a job?  If so, you are not alone.  So Over Debt shares the top 10 reasons she doesn’t like looking for a job.

In addition to disliking looking for a job, many people dislike tax season.  However,  Jason at Live Real, Now shares how he slashed a surprise tax bill of $2,000 to just $7!  Way to go!

Have you experienced the after burn affect after a good workout, where you continue to burn calories hours after your work out is over?  Money Beagle notes that the after burn affect can also apply to your finances.  Head over to his post to find out how.

Squirrelers shares a humorous post, Monetize Anything!  While he says some of the ideas are absurd, in a world where personal vehicles become moving advertisements, he just may be on to something.

Justin at Money Is the Root recently faced adversity and writes about how he is learning to handle it.  Adversity in the end usually helps us acclimate and become stronger.  Hang in there, Justin.  I’m sure you will come out stronger!

On a different note, Everything Finance was featured in several blog carnivals recently:

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Many thanks to all of the hosts for including Everything Finance posts!



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