Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Women in Combat

Published on Jan 28 2013 // Written By // Finance Around The Web

The announcement was made last week that female military members will now be able to serve in combat.  While some commend this as one more equal right for women, some male soldiers complain that it will be a distraction.  Others wonder if women will now be eligible for the draft.

Around the web, I have been reading some excellent personal finance articles.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Financial Samurai explains why he is no longer investing in CDs and gives several alternatives.  With the current interest rates, who could blame him?
  2. Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey rides 150 miles for MS every year.  This year he is trying to raise $25,000, and he is generously matching donations for those under age 30.
  3. What are your favorite ways to save money?  Work, Save, Live explains 5 more of his favorite ways to save.
  4. Have you gotten so good at saving that you consider yourself cheap?  That is just what Retire by 40 worries about.
  5. Good Financial Cents urges us to teach our children these 4 important money lessons.
  6. If you are a blogger, you know people come to your site through some strange search terms.  Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog shares some of his strangest search terms
  7. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has an ambitious goal to save $30,000 this year.  I’ll be cheering for you!
  8. Are you financially ready to have kids?  Prairie Eco Thrifter asks some tough questions to help you determine if you are.
  9. 20s Finance tackles the issue of debt repayment vs. growing an emergency fund.  Which do you think is the better thing to do?
  10. We often hear about kids moving back in with their parents, but what happens when the situation is reversed?  Free from Broke examines ways to keep the peace when the ‘rents move in with their children.
  11. My Multiple Incomes explains how a virtual assistant has helped him get more done.  Do you have a virtual assistant?
  12. You can probably think of several reasons why broke people drive nice cars, but this reason by So Over This is probably not one that would come to mind.
  13. Money Beagle’s power of observation lead him to an interesting discover about the recent price increase in some vegetables.

On a different note, Everything Finance was featured in several blog carnivals recently:

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Lifestyle Carnival hosted by Making Sense of Cents

Y & T’s Weekend Ramblings  hosted by Young & Thrifty

Yakezie Carnival  hosted by Moneywise Pastor

Carnival of Money Pros  hosted by See Debt Run

Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #64 hosted by Master the Art of Saving

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Yakezie Carnival   hosted by Narrow Bridge

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Carnival of Retirement #53  hosted by Simple Budget Blog

Y & T’s Weekend Ramblings  hosted by Young and Thrifty

Carnival of Retirement #53 hosted by Good Financial Centss

Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #66 hosted by Vanessa’s Money

Carnival of Money Pros   hosted by Cash Net USA

Finance Carnival for Young Adults hosted by 20′s Finances

Thanks to all of the hosts for including my posts.



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