Tushar @ Everything Finance

Tushar Mathur

Tushar Mathur is the Owner of Everything Finance. He writes here regularly and is responsible for publishing and editing content. He  has been blogging about Personal Finance since January, 2007. This has helped him recognize what topics readers like and relate to. The goal is to spot good news-worthy info and get it out to the public as soon as possible. You can contact him by email: tusharm (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also follow him via Twitter: @AllFinance.

Editor & Social Media Co-ordinator

Erin @ Everything Finance


Erin M. is a full-time freelance writer and virtual assistant who enjoys talking about frugality, debt, and saving for the future on her blog, Journey to Saving. She’s passionate about helping other millennials get their finances in order, and she also loves reading, walking, and spending time with family (and her cats).

Our Writers

Ashley Reneriz @ Everything Finance

Ashley Eneriz

Ashley Eneriz is a freelance writer and a self-proclaimed frugal queen. She writes about her frugal tips for shopping and parenting.


Erika @ Everything Finance


Erika blogs at Newlyweds on a Budget, covering topics relevant to managing finances for newlyweds and young couples. She focuses on frugal living and trying to live a big life on a small budget.


Megan @ Everything Finance

Megan Harris

Megan is a freelance editor and writer with a passion for financial topics. She loves listening to financial podcasts and reading blogs from real people trying to make a difference with how they spend and save their money. She currently lives in the St. Louis area with her husband, her daughter, and their dog. When not writing or reading about financial issues, she covers topics for writers and small business on her website,


Robin @ Everything Finance

Robin McDaniel

Robin is a freelance writer who chronicles her financial missteps and victories on her blog, The Thrifty Peach. When not chasing around her very busy toddler, she likes to make fun of herself on her blog and figures humor can be found in any financial mistake she has made.