3 Lessons Monopoly Can Teach Us About Finance

Published on Dec 27 2013 // Personal Finance
3 Lessons Monopoly Can Teach Us About Finance
Over the holidays, my family and I played a ton of monopoly. After playing a few times,  I realized something: monopoly can teach us a great deal about finance. I mean, I think that’s mostly the point of the game, but you can really learn a lot of money lessons in just a short amount of time....

Structured Settlement Owners Are Very Fortunate

Published on Apr 27 2013 // Loans
When an injury occurs, the injured party will at some point, be offered a Settlement. This will be either in the form of a Structured Settlement, or a Lump Sum. The cause of the injury doesn’t matter in order to qualify for a settlement offer. It could have been an auto accident, workplace accident,...

How to Claim Social Security

Published on Mar 27 2013 // Retirement
Social security benefits are offered to citizens of the United States for several reasons. There are social security benefits for those who retire and for those who are considered disable. The purpose of the social security benefits is to provide an income for retired of disabled individuals that will...

Car Leasing Options for your Business

Published on Dec 18 2012 // Business, Supporter
The purpose of this article is to examine the benefits of having fleet management and car leasing options for your business or corporation. Both services are explained in detail to give you a better understanding of what opportunities await to help your business on the go. Anyone that has ever owned...

3 Important Rules for Retirement

Published on Dec 03 2012 // Retirement, Supporter
3 Important Rules for Retirement
retirement (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012) Planning for your retirement years can be a real challenge. Many people spend a considerable amount of time researching retirement strategies, using various online retirement calculators and trying to determine what age they might actually be able to retire. The...

How to Survive On Monthly Pay

Published on Oct 16 2012 // Budgeting
For some of us, it’s not just about the overall annual wage or salary that they are earning. Most workers prefer being paid once a fortnight. It gives them a manageable amount of money in an amount of time that doesn’t leave you strapped for cash at the end of the month. If you do get paid monthly,...

Retirement Planning – What Being “Vested” Means

Published on Aug 27 2012 // Finance 101, Retirement
Retirement Planning – What Being “Vested” Means
One of the nice perks many employers offer is a match to your own retirement contributions.  An employer match can be a powerful tool to help you grow your retirement savings more quickly.  However, to encourage employee longevity, many employers do not let the employee access the money the employer...

2 Easy Ways to Save Money and Pay off Debt

Published on Mar 08 2012 // Debt, Finance 101, Savings
2 Easy Ways to Save Money and Pay off Debt
There’s always an excuse for not saving money or paying off debt. But saving money and paying off debt doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or arduous. There are two very easy and simple ways to save money and pay off debt. Goals and budgeting go hand in hand. You can’t spend more money...

Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction

Published on Feb 01 2012 // Taxes
Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction
In this economy, many people are job searching, which can be expensive.  Between paying for resume quality paper, mailing out resumes and traveling to interviews, the search for a job can cost you quite a bit during a time when you can least afford it.  Whether you have been laid off or are simply...

Finding Your Credit Card Type

Published on Apr 01 2011 // Credit Cards
There are so many types of credit card s available nowadays that it can be quite the challenge to even know where to start. You can find everything from low rate credit cards to cash back rewards, and even some credit cards that are geared directly towards a specific group of people, such as students...

Ways to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

Published on Sep 08 2010 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
One unfortunate side effect of the recession is that many people have had to turn to credit cards (one hopes temporarily) to supplement missing income from loss of wages, lack of loans (for students, in particular), or revenue on investments. And while most credit card companies offer you low rates...
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