Transfer Money Overseas The Smart Way

Published on Feb 26 2014 // Banking
Transfer Money Overseas The Smart Way
Whether you are new to transferring money overseas or you are seasoned expat transferring money between bank accounts, it pays to transfer the smart way. Just as you might find when using any financial service, there are some sure fire ways to get ripped off and some sure fire ways to maximize the value...

Steps To Take If You’ve Been Refused Credit

Published on Feb 25 2014 // Personal Finance
Your credit history may not be in terrible shape, but if you have experienced a few problems here and there, you could find that lenders are taking a much tougher line. Although the economy is technically out of recession, growth has not yet returned and the cautious stance taken by many banks and building...

What Should I Look for in a Bank?

Published on Sep 30 2013 // Banking
If you are looking to open a new checking or savings account (or both), you may be wondering how to go about deciding between different banks. Since banking can be an almost daily part of your life, taking the time to find a bank that fits your needs is definitely worthwhile. Here are a few things to...

Easy Ways To Save For A Summer Vacation

Published on Jun 14 2013 // Personal Finance
Easy Ways To Save For A Summer Vacation Summertime is here, and now is a great time to take your family on a much needed summer vacation. However, not everyone has a large vacation fund that they can dip into every time they want to go somewhere new, but fear not, we’ve got some great tips to share! 1. Have a Huge...

5 Ways to Save for a House Down Payment

Published on Apr 08 2013 // Debt, Housing Market
After years of waiting, we’re getting the itch to buy a home.  However, for most people, the process of beginning to thinking about buying a home to actually buying one is usually several years, largely because you need to get your finances in order and save for a hefty down payment. Before you...

How To Spend Your Tax Return

Published on Mar 08 2013 // Taxes
Perhaps you were surprised to find that you would be receiving a gift from Uncle Sam in the form of a hefty tax return. Or maybe you planned it this way all along. So how do you spend your tax return now that you have it? If you’re like most Americans, your first instinct is to take a trip to Vegas,...

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Finances

Published on Mar 01 2013 // Personal Finance
How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Finances
We all know that social media is a great tool for connecting with others. However, even the savviest #hashtagger might not be using social networking to its fullest potential, especially when it comes to making and saving money. So, below we’ve included our top tips for using social media to improve...

How to Pick Your Next Bank

Published on Oct 19 2012 // Banking
How to Pick Your Next Bank Interest rates are just about invisible these days.  As a result, more people are going to greater lengths in order to find the highest interest rates they can on bank CDs.  But is it a good use of time? Not always.  Here’s why I...

Open a Home Buyer Savings Account to Start Saving for a Home

Published on Oct 19 2012 // Banking, Savings, Supporter
It’s never too early to start saving for a home. It is a process that takes time, determination and patience. Whether buying a house is in your immediate future, setting aside money now will help ensure you are ready when the time comes. Generally, you want to save about 20 percent of the selling price,...

FREE Finance Tools from Personal Capital

Published on Oct 18 2012 // Banking, Budgeting, How To Guide, Personal Finance
FREE Finance Tools from Personal Capital
Personal Capital is online personal finance software that allows you to organize all of your accounts and display them in one place. According to the website, you can manage your assets and plan for the future. I decided to sign up for a free account to find out what it was all about, and I’m writing...

5 Reasons I’m a Fan of P2P Lending

Published on Sep 27 2012 // P2P Lending
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is definitely the most creative of the investing models, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of the movement. There are quite a few reasons to love P2P, and I’m going to break down my top five right here in this post. #1 – You Can Cut Out the Middleman P2P lending companies...

P2P Lending With Lending Club: A Review

Published on Sep 13 2012 // Featured, Loans, P2P Lending
P2P Lending With Lending Club: A Review
I’ve written quite a bit about the merits of Lending Club in the past because I love the idea of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. However, I’m skeptical and scared to invest in anything but the most reputable of P2P lending platforms online. The two big dogs in the industry are Prosper and Lending...

How to Transfer Money Between Banks

Published on May 08 2012 // Banking, Finance 101, Personal Finance
How to Transfer Money Between Banks
You may need to transfer money between bank accounts if you have money in two different banks.  There are several ways to do this beyond the obvious of driving to one bank, withdrawing the money and then depositing it at the other bank.  Which way works best for you depends on how quickly you need...

How to Avoid Check Bouncing Charges

Published on Apr 30 2012 // Banking, Credit Cards, Finance 101, Personal Finance
How to Avoid Check Bouncing Charges
If you write a check or pay a bill electronically from your checking account but do not have sufficient funds to cover that check, you will be charged a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee which often ranges from $20 to $30, depending on your bank or credit union.  In addition, the person you gave the bounced...

How to Clear Your Name from ChexSystems

Published on Apr 12 2012 // Banking, How To Guide
How to Clear Your Name from ChexSystems
If you have had insufficient funds in your account or written several bad checks, chances are good that you have been reported to the ChexSystems.  This system is used to keep track of customers with delinquent or mismanaged accounts, and all banks use the system.  That means if you have a problem...

Know Your Taxes – Currency Conversion Tax

Published on Feb 29 2012 // Know Your Taxes, Taxes
Currency conversion taxes are those taxes utilized in the financial sector for financial transactions as opposed to taxes on consumers for purchases and other consumables. One of the currency conversion taxes is the Tobin tax, named for James Tobin who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1981....
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