6 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

Published on Nov 26 2012 // Budgeting, Credit Cards, Shopping
6 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts
Credit Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012) While many shoppers can’t wait to grab the savings that Black Friday offers, there are others who dislike spending hundreds of dollars on holiday gifts.  I am one of them. I enjoy giving gifts, but we are paying off some bills from my husband’s graduate...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Edition

Published on Nov 25 2012 // Personal Finance
This year Black Friday became Black Thursday with many retailers opening their doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving night.  Did you brave the crowds, or do you prefer to snag your deals on Cyber Monday from the quiet of your home or office?  I am a fan of Cyber Monday, and I am looking forward to the...

Employees Revolt against Black Friday Creep

Published on Nov 16 2012 // Featured, Shopping
Employees Revolt against Black Friday Creep
Here at Everything Finance, we look at all things money from a variety of angles. Today, in light of the upcoming holiday season, I’d like to focus on consumerism versus family. Our economy needs a boost, and one way retailers are attempting to infuse a jolt of much-needed cash into their yearly earnings...

Top Five Money Saving Appliances and How to Afford Them – Part 2

Published on Jan 29 2012 // Savings
Two weeks ago, I shared two of my personal favorite money saving appliances – the crockpot and an upright freezer. It is no secret that cooking at home makes you feel healthier and saves money. With the right money saving appliances, cooking at home can be easier and less time consuming. Here...

Online Spending Stays Strong

Published on Dec 12 2011 // Shopping
ComScore reported on Sunday that online spending remained strong in early December. Usually early December indicates a quiet period in the U.S. holiday shopping. This year seems to be an exception. Consumers spent $5.9 billion online during the first week in December. It is 15 percent more than last...

Thanksgiving Shopping: More Sales, More Spending, More Cash

Published on Nov 28 2011 // Shopping
A National Retail Federation survey reported this weekend that shoppers spent 9.1 percent more cash over Thanksgiving weekend. This number includes in-stores and on-line shopping. If you are wondering how many people visited stores and online retailers over “Black Friday” weekend, it is 226 million....

Decline of Groupon Shares: Predictable or Unforeseen?

Published on Nov 24 2011 // Market News
Groupon made its initial public offering earlier this month quite successfully: investors could not get enough if its stock. Groupon shares were so popular that its stock surged as much as 50 percent in its very first day of trade. This Wednesday, however, Groupon’s stock slipped. Now its price is...
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