Lifestyle changes and how they affect your mortgage

Published on Jan 08 2013 // Mortgage, Supporter
This is a Guest Post By Betsy Falwell Maybe you just lost your job. Perhaps you just had a baby. Or,maybe you’re planning your wedding. No matter the reason, any time your lifestyle changes is an opportunity to evaluate your home loan, to help you reduce your expenses and maximize the money in your...

A Primer on P2P Lending

Published on Oct 16 2012 // P2P Lending
It’s no secret that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is one of the hottest movements in online investing today. However, many people are afraid to jump in because they believe that it’s, well, a scam. People are fearful of new things, especially when it comes to their money. However, P2P lending...

Security Risks Faced When Using a P2P Network

Published on Sep 29 2012 // Featured, Investing, P2P Lending
Security Risks Faced When Using a P2P Network
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is something I’ve been writing about for quite a while now. I maintain that it’s a fantastic new way to bypass the banks and less-than-desirable investment vehicles in favor of a platform over which you have complete control. Quite a few people are concerned with the medium,...

5 Reasons I’m a Fan of P2P Lending

Published on Sep 27 2012 // P2P Lending
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is definitely the most creative of the investing models, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of the movement. There are quite a few reasons to love P2P, and I’m going to break down my top five right here in this post. #1 – You Can Cut Out the Middleman P2P lending companies...

Why People are Scared of P2P Lending

Published on Sep 21 2012 // Featured, Investing, Loans, P2P Lending
Why People are Scared of P2P Lending
It’s interesting to me that so many people are afraid of P2P lending platforms, yet they’re more than willing sign up for – and max out – credit cards. Credit cards that are fleecing America. I think the fear stems from many factors, but the biggest issue is that p2p lending is relatively new...

P2P Lending With Lending Club: A Review

Published on Sep 13 2012 // Featured, Loans, P2P Lending
P2P Lending With Lending Club: A Review
I’ve written quite a bit about the merits of Lending Club in the past because I love the idea of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. However, I’m skeptical and scared to invest in anything but the most reputable of P2P lending platforms online. The two big dogs in the industry are Prosper and Lending...

Peer to Peer Lending: Cautions and Considerations

Published on Aug 11 2012 // Featured, Investing, Loans, P2P Lending, Popular
Peer to Peer Lending: Cautions and Considerations
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been getting an awful lot of attention these days. The big two P2P lenders in the US are Prosper and Lending Club, respectively. Here’s how it works. Borrowers post a public request for a loan and lenders pitch in to fund it. Once the loan is fully funded, the proceeds...

The Benefits of a Balloon Mortgage

Published on Aug 06 2012 // Mortgage
The Benefits of a Balloon Mortgage
If you are in the housing market, choosing what home to buy is not your only big decision.  You will also have to think carefully about the type of mortgage you will take out.  While most people think of the two most popular types of mortgages, fixed rate and adjustable, there are other types of mortgages...

When Your Credit Score Really Isn’t Your Credit Score

Published on Mar 01 2012 // Debt, Finance 101
When Your Credit Score Really Isn’t Your Credit Score
Robert and Carrie were on the verge of fulfilling a ten year goal of buying their first home. Prior to meeting with a lender, they did their homework, gathered their documents, and ordered their credit reports. They were confused when the scores from each of the three credit bureaus differed so much....

The Housing Market Scare

Published on Nov 10 2011 // Financial News, Mortgage
Home prices are still falling. A new report on home prices, that just came out this week, indicates that the more those prices fall, the more American home owners fall into negative equity. It means that those home owners are unable to sell their property for enough to pay their real estate agent and...

Prosper Peer to Peer Lending: A Review

Published on Oct 12 2011 // Banking, Investing, Product Reviews
Prosper Peer to Peer Lending: A Review
Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending service that can be attractive to both borrowers and lenders.  Started in 2006, is currently the largest peer-to-peer lending service with over 1 million members and 262,000,000 in funded loans.  Prosper offers borrowers loan rates as low as 6.59% depending...

U.S. Consumers Are Paying Down Their Debt

Published on Aug 23 2011 // Banking, Credit Cards
In an era of non-stop negative news circling and pertaining to the economy, there is at least one very positive light shining through. And that light is the noted recent trend of the American consumer, quickly paying off their credit card debt, a sensitive topic in the past. The renowned credit bureau...

What is an Offset Mortgage

Published on Aug 01 2011 // Offset Mortgage, Supporter
The offset mortgage idea is really quite simple. Borrowers cash savings are set against their mortgage debt, so they pay interest only on the balance. But monthly mortgage repayments are calculated on the full debt, before offsetting is taken into account. So borrowers effectively overpay on their debt...

Cheaper loan rates to woo customers this festive seasons

Published on Aug 28 2010 // Loans, Personal Finance
PSUs are planning to attract customers by offering them loans at a cheaper interest rate. In order to increase the customer in their loan registers banks are planning to woo individuals with cheaper loans even as interest rates are on the rise. Considering Ganesh Chaturti and Diwali round the corner...
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