Is Working in the Summer As a College Student Worth It?

Published on Jul 08 2013 // Kids and College, Loans, Student Loans
College students work hard all academic year, writing papers, studying, taking tests.  The old adage used to be that then they should work hard during the summer earning money to help pay for college. Thirty years ago, working hard during the summer a student could make enough to pay a large portion...

Consider Helping Your Child Open a Roth IRA

Published on Mar 27 2012 // Finance Life Stages, Retirement
Consider Helping Your Child Open a Roth IRA
This post is part of the Roth IRA Account Movement happening all across the personal finance blogosphere today. If you have a child, one of the best things you can do for them is to teach them how to be financially savvy and how to save for their future.  Even if the kids branch out on their own later...

Finding an Accountant if You Are a Blogger

Published on Jan 04 2012 // Taxes
Finding an Accountant if You Are a Blogger
If you are a blogger, you may have started your very first blog just to get your thoughts down and hope that someone, somewhere would read.  Maybe at first, you only had a handful of visitors, perhaps many of them family members.  However, little by little, through networking effort on your part, your...

How to Develop Passive Income

Published on Jan 31 2011 // How To Guide
If you want to become less reliant on a single source of income, such as a traditional job, it is important to begin developing passive income. Passive income represents cash inflows that come as the result of putting something on “automatic”. Instead of being actively involved in earning...

Teach Your Child the Basics of Money

Published on Aug 03 2010 // Personal Finance
A child’s concept of money is a green note that is generated from his/her mom and dad’s pocket. It is something with which you can buy the fun stuff. Does your child know the importance of money and the effort that goes into earning it? Does your child know that life could be a tad bit difficult...
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