Five Ways to Save On This Year’s Road Trip

Published on Mar 14 2014 // Budget Travel, Budgeting
Five Ways to Save On This Year’s Road Trip
Spring break is coming up, which means a road trip for many families. Whether you are going to be driving 5 hours or 20- here are some tips for you to save money and sanity on the road. Plan Your Gas Fill Ups: This spring, my family and I are planning to drive 6 hours to Arizona from California. We...

How to Create a Budget With Your Spouse (And Stay Married!)

Published on Aug 30 2012 // Budgeting, How To Guide, Personal Finance
Throughout the past two and a half years of marriage, I’ve primarily managed the money in our household. Time and time again, I would try and get my husband involved but it just led to bouts of despair, heavy sighs and finally one of us walking away in frustration. It led me to wonder: How do you...

Top Five Money Saving Appliances and How to Afford Them – Part 2

Published on Jan 29 2012 // Savings
Two weeks ago, I shared two of my personal favorite money saving appliances – the crockpot and an upright freezer. It is no secret that cooking at home makes you feel healthier and saves money. With the right money saving appliances, cooking at home can be easier and less time consuming. Here...

How to Start Tracking Your Spending

Published on Jan 10 2011 // Finance 101, How To Guide
One of the best things you can do for your finances is to begin tracking your spending. Tracking your spending allows you to pinpoint financial habits so that you can see where you might need to make changes — as well as where you are doing well. When you decide to track your spending, though,...

The Savings Experiment

Published on Aug 18 2009 // Personal Finance, Savings
Today I would like inform you about a new website called “The Savings Experiment”. It is a part of AOL News and their main sponsor is Bank of America. The Savings Experiment website features a weekly video that examines a common money-saving idea and determines whether the benefits are really...
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