Taking Financial Advice Is Like Using a Garmin

Published on Mar 10 2014 // Debt, Personal Finance, Retirement
Taking Financial Advice Is Like Using a Garmin
We recently took a vacation to Arlington, Virginia.  When we reached downtown Arlington, it was in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.  The streets were packed with cars and pedestrians; the sun was shining.  The temperature was warmer than we Northeners had felt in about four months.  While navigating...

Saving vs. Paying off Debt: Which goes first?

Published on Jun 11 2013 // Debt, Savings
How much should you save before you pay off all your debt? According to the Dave Ramsey method, you should establish a $1,000 emergency fund first and then put as much money as possible toward your debt until it is completely paid off. I’ve never felt comfortable with just having a $1,000 emergency...

How to save up for a down payment

Published on May 21 2013 // Housing Market, How To Guide, Savings
It’s not any secret that my husband and I are vying to be homeowners. Home ownership has always been a goal of ours, but it has often taken the back burner to more pressing things, like graduate school, job training requirements, and paying down the last $14,000 of our student loan debt. We’ve been...

Disabilities: Managing Independently

Published on Nov 29 2012 // Retirement
Disabilities: Managing Independently
This is the internationally recognized symbol for accessibility (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Disabilities are never easy to live with. In addition to all the physical challenges, there are also some financial aspects to cover. Furthermore, with recent news in Leeds regarding a disabled man who had to live...

How to Create a Budget With Your Spouse (And Stay Married!)

Published on Aug 30 2012 // Budgeting, How To Guide, Personal Finance
Throughout the past two and a half years of marriage, I’ve primarily managed the money in our household. Time and time again, I would try and get my husband involved but it just led to bouts of despair, heavy sighs and finally one of us walking away in frustration. It led me to wonder: How do you...

What if we lost our jobs?

Published on Jun 14 2012 // Cost of Living, Personal Finance
What if we lost our jobs?
What if we lost our jobs? With Eric’s recent stint into unplanned employment (he got injured outside of work and was unable to work for five weeks), we started to realize what would really happen if one of us lost our job. I don’t think anyone is ever really in a position to take such a huge cut...

How to Survive Unexpected Unemployment

Published on Apr 12 2012 // How To Guide
How to Survive Unexpected Unemployment
We’re all supposed to plan for the worst—that’s why it’s recommended that you have at least 3-6 months of living expenses reserved in an emergency fund. But what happens when you’re saving up and are met with that unexpected unemployment? Perhaps you were part of a group layoff, or maybe there...

The Cost Of Living in the U.S Fell in October

Published on Nov 17 2011 // Cost of Living
As Reuters reported earlier this week consumer prices fell in October. It means that the cost of living unexpectedly fell in the U.S. last month. It could be a sign that at least some of the inflationary pressure is starting to subside. For comparison purposes: a year ago overall consumer prices rose...

When Extreme Couponing Might Not Work for You

Published on Sep 26 2011 // Personal Finance
When Extreme Couponing Might Not Work for You
One of the most recent trends is stockpiling, as seen on extreme couponing shows and blogs. The idea is that you stack coupons, buy on sale and get multiples of everything in order to save money in the long run. You buy a larger quantity now, and then stockpile it. Later, when you need something, you...

Retirement Age Explained

Published on May 28 2011 // Personal Finance, Retirement
Once upon a time, when the concept of a state pension was introduced, men retired at 65 and died at 70 and women retired at 60 and died at 75. As standards of living and medical care and medicines get more effective, this is no longer the case and it is causing headaches for legislators as well as private...

Are You Penny Wise But Dollar Foolish?

Published on Mar 21 2011 // Finance 101
Are You Penny Wise But Dollar Foolish?
One of the most popular ways that many people try to improve their financial situation is to spend less. Often, this is done by pinching pennies. While it is a good idea to look for ways to save money on your bills, it is possible to go too far. Additionally, you might actually be so focused on the small...
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