5 Ways to Keep Your Friends Even Though You Have Different Budgets

Published on Mar 24 2014 // Budgeting, Personal Finance
5 Ways to Keep Your Friends Even Though You Have Different Budgets
Friends can be like family.  They’re there when you need support, there to commiserate with you and encourage you.  They can share huge life milestones with you and share precious memories with you. But. . .they can also be a huge drain on your finances. In your early twenties, you probably didn’t...

5 Ways to Make Your Tax Refund Grow

Published on Feb 18 2014 // Taxes
5 Ways to Make Your Tax Refund Grow
It’s tax time.  The time some Americans dread because they have to pay their hard-earned money to the government.  However, 75% of Americans (TIME) look forward to tax time with glee because they’ll be getting back a refund.  Yeah!  Free money. Not really, of course.  Your tax refund...

Free Money Is Everywhere, If You Know Where to Look

Published on Feb 27 2013 // Earning Money
Free Money Is Everywhere, If You Know Where to Look
After years of being a Penny Hoarder, one remarkable thing I have discovered is that free money is everywhere.  Yes, you may need to jump through some hoops to get that free money, but so what?  It is free money!  If you stay organized and on top of the offers, you can get free money with no strings...

How I made over $1,000 by knowing my rights

Published on Feb 21 2013 // Auto Insurance, Insurance, Law, Personal Finance
Many consumers and employees may sometimes gets stiffed by big corporations because they aren’t willing to put up a fight or simply don’t know their rights. I’m sure consumers probably lose a lot of battle against big corporations because we feel so helpless going up against a giant,...

Owing Taxes vs. Receiving a Refund: Which is better?

Published on Jan 11 2013 // Know Your Taxes, Taxes
Owing Taxes vs. Receiving a Refund: Which is better?
It’s probably been argued for as long as they’ve been around: when it comes to taxes, is it better to give than to receive? In an ideal world, it would be easiest if you could just guarantee that you wouldn’t owe any taxes or receive any refund. The personal finance community and most...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Edition

Published on Nov 25 2012 // Personal Finance
This year Black Friday became Black Thursday with many retailers opening their doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving night.  Did you brave the crowds, or do you prefer to snag your deals on Cyber Monday from the quiet of your home or office?  I am a fan of Cyber Monday, and I am looking forward to the...

How to Create a Budget With Your Spouse (And Stay Married!)

Published on Aug 30 2012 // Budgeting, How To Guide, Personal Finance
Throughout the past two and a half years of marriage, I’ve primarily managed the money in our household. Time and time again, I would try and get my husband involved but it just led to bouts of despair, heavy sighs and finally one of us walking away in frustration. It led me to wonder: How do you...

Three Financial Goals to Accomplish Before Saying “I Do”

Published on Feb 13 2012 // Cost of Living, Finance 101, Savings
Three Financial Goals to Accomplish Before Saying “I Do”
Whether you have found the perfect life mate or not, there are three financial goals that everyone should work on before they walk down the aisle. Marriage is truly a blessing, but finances are the number one item couples argue about. To keep your marriage sailing smoothly and to give yourself a good...

Green Savings Roundup at Yakezie

Published on Aug 22 2011 // Savings
Hello and welcome to the 10th Yakezie Blog Swap. This time around my fellow bloggers and I were to share our Best Go Green Method To Save Money. As always, I was amazed at what people came up with and shared. Please check out the different tips below on how you too can save money and be green: Nickel...

Common credit card traps to avoid

Published on Aug 07 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
Credit cards are something of a natural predator to the savings conscious. The temptation of what appears to be free money at a moments notice may be too much for many to bear and the next thing you know you are up to your neck in bills and stuff you didn’t really need in the first place. Credit cards...

5 Easy Ways to Plan for Retirement

5 Easy Ways to Plan for Retirement
Image Source: http://www.retirementfinances.com The slow economy has brought about even greater awareness regarding personal retirement funds. More and more individuals are starting to wonder if they have planned properly, and many others are beginning to realize that they didn’t save enough to...

The Fine Print On Cash Back Credit Cards

Published on Aug 12 2010 // Credit Cards
The following is a guest post by Michael from CreditCardForum.com – a message board and blog about credit cards. He regularly rates and reviews the best cash back credit cards. In this post, he will discuss some of the fine print that goes with these credit card reward programs. Back in the 70′s...

Buying a New Construction Home – Do I Need a Realtor?

Published on Jun 10 2007 // Personal Finance, Real Estate
So you have decided to buy a new construction home and now you are wondering whether to hire a Realtor or not. You do need a Realtor, but not right now. Looking for a new Home Community You can look online for the communities in your area that are building new homes…and there wont be many..since...
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