What to Do with Gifts You Don’t Want

Published on Dec 30 2013 // Shopping
Unless you very explicitly told people what you’d like for Christmas gifts AND those you told listened to you and bought what’s on your list, chances are you’ve end up with a few presents you didn’t want.  If that happened to you this holiday season, don’t worry.  There...

6 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Published on Dec 22 2013 // Shopping
6 Last Minute Gift Ideas
There are only a few days left until Christmas Day (can you believe it?) This has to be one of the fastest years yet, and if you are still struggling to think of a few last minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! Below are a handful of gifts that would work well for both the men and women in...

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When It Comes to Splurging

Published on May 17 2013 // Personal Finance
3 Questions To Ask Yourself When It Comes to Splurging
Last week, I decided to have a big splurge. I bought an international plane ticket last minute to go home and visit my family. I had some time off of work, it was Mother’s Day, and it was also a few days before my birthday. While I hadn’t planned on seeing my family until the holiday season,...

What is a financial hangover?

Published on Apr 10 2013 // Personal Finance
You feel sick to your stomach, with a throbbing headache and a sense of foreboding. No, you didn’t have too much to drink last night – you’ve simply spent more than you can afford. You’re not alone – more than half of British taxpayers admit to dipping into the dreaded overdraft or swiping...

Three Easy Ways to Simplify Christmas and Save

Published on Dec 12 2012 // Personal Finance
Three Easy Ways to Simplify Christmas and Save
I was reading “Little House in the Big Woods” the other day to my daughter. I was astonished at what their Christmas looked like. Laura Ingalls was about five or six, and remembers fondly getting a pretty new dress sewn by her Ma and a doll made by her Ma. Even though her sister already had a doll,...

Holiday Side Hustles

Published on Dec 04 2012 // Cost of Living, Featured, Personal Finance, Shopping
Holiday Side Hustles
Here on Everything Finance, we’ve covered countless ways to save money during the holidays. Today, I’m going to focus on some ways to score some extra money to use on all those presents you still need to buy for everyone on your list. It’s still early enough to squeeze in some extra moneymaking...

8 Easy Ways to Make Money for the Holidays

Published on Oct 29 2012 // Budgeting, How To Guide
8 Easy Ways to Make Money for the Holidays
The premature appearance of all-things Christmas may make you see red and feel green, but it’s actually a good reminder to start budgeting for this year’s holiday season. The National Retail Federation estimates the average consumer will spend nearly $750 on holiday-related purchases, up...

Online Spending Stays Strong

Published on Dec 12 2011 // Shopping
ComScore reported on Sunday that online spending remained strong in early December. Usually early December indicates a quiet period in the U.S. holiday shopping. This year seems to be an exception. Consumers spent $5.9 billion online during the first week in December. It is 15 percent more than last...

The Cost Of Living in the U.S Fell in October

Published on Nov 17 2011 // Cost of Living
As Reuters reported earlier this week consumer prices fell in October. It means that the cost of living unexpectedly fell in the U.S. last month. It could be a sign that at least some of the inflationary pressure is starting to subside. For comparison purposes: a year ago overall consumer prices rose...

Factors That Might Influence the U.S. Markets This Week

Published on Nov 14 2011 // Financial News, Market News
 The U.S. markets might be influenced (again) by European turmoil. Borrowing rates are going up, the solvency of European banks are going down as the sovereign crisis deepens in Europe. On Saturday, the big news was the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister. Following his resignation,...
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