Average UK house price tops £250K mark for the first time

Published on Jul 17 2013 // Real Estate
Average UK house price tops £250K mark for the first time
In the past year, the fluctuating housing market has experienced something of a surprise upturn, putting behind memories of the end of the housing boom back in 2007, but the latest figures show that a new landmark has been reached. Results for June from property website Rightmove revealed that for the...

Home Ownership–Would You Move to a Lower Cost of Living Area?

Published on May 06 2013 // Cost of Living, Mortgage, Taxes
The average age of first time home ownership in the United States in the last 10 years has varied from 30 to 32 years of age, depending on the economy (Economists Outlook).  My guess is that it might also depend on the area of the country people reside in.  Certainly buying a house in rural Iowa is...

Is now the right time to buy a home?

Published on Apr 04 2013 // Housing Market
According to the media, now is the perfect time to buy a house. Or –wait a minute—wasn’t 2010 the perfect time to buy a house because prices were so ridiculously low and interest rates were low too? No, no, no, 2005 was the perfect time to buy a house, because if you waited any longer, you were...

Real Estate–Assessment Vs. Appraisal

Published on Mar 11 2013 // Real Estate
If you own a home or are planning to buy a home, you’ve likely heard the terms real estate appraisal and real estate assessment.  Those new to the housing market may assume that they are the same thing, but they are actually different because they are calculated in two different ways and are used...

How to Invest When the Economy Picks Up

Published on Dec 03 2012 // Housing Market, Investing, Personal Finance
How to Invest When the Economy Picks Up
Everyone seems to be living in suspended financial hibernation these days. The economy has been in the toilet for quite some time now, but if history teaches us anything, chances are it will bounce back at some point down the line. Will you be prepared? Saving for an emergency fund is a critical move...

The Top 5 Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

Published on Oct 01 2012 // Housing Market
The Top 5 Real Estate Markets in the U.S.
Image Source: http://www.trexglobal.com The housing market is beginning to rebound ever so slightly, so now might be the time to enter the housing market for the first time or to buy a rental property.  Thanks to the housing crisis, though, buying a home isn’t simply a matter of finding a place...

The Benefits of a Balloon Mortgage

Published on Aug 06 2012 // Mortgage
The Benefits of a Balloon Mortgage
If you are in the housing market, choosing what home to buy is not your only big decision.  You will also have to think carefully about the type of mortgage you will take out.  While most people think of the two most popular types of mortgages, fixed rate and adjustable, there are other types of mortgages...

Help of $ 25 billion for U.S. homeowners

Published on Feb 10 2012 // Financial News
Five U.S banks agreed to a $ 25 billion  government settlement. This deal between the government and the banks accused of abusive mortgage practice may help a million borrowers. The result is a record state-federal settlement that will deliver wide, but not deep, relief to U.S. homeowners. This deal...

Good News in the U.S. Housing Market

Published on Dec 19 2011 // Housing Market
The U.S. housing market might have some good news, Reuters reported on Sunday. It seems that for the first time since 2005, U.S. residential construction might be expanding a little next year. It might, in turn, add a little to GDP growth in 2012. It would add not much, of course, but it would complement...

Is 650 a Good Credit Score?

Published on Nov 30 2011 // Credit Cards, Debt, Finance 101
Is 650 a Good Credit Score?
Like it or not, your credit score can affect where you are hired, how much money you pay in interest over the course of a loan and whether or not you can even qualify for a loan.  Since the start of the Great Recession and the housing market downturn, it is increasingly difficult to even obtain a loan. ...

The Housing Market Scare

Published on Nov 10 2011 // Financial News, Mortgage
Home prices are still falling. A new report on home prices, that just came out this week, indicates that the more those prices fall, the more American home owners fall into negative equity. It means that those home owners are unable to sell their property for enough to pay their real estate agent and...

The Aging of the Baby Boomer Generation Creates Real Estate Opportunities

Published on Apr 14 2011 // Real Estate
The Aging of the Baby Boomer Generation Creates Real Estate Opportunities
For the next eighteen years, once a day in the United States, a Baby Boomer will turn 65. It will take almost two decades for this shift to occur because that epic post-World War II generation is 77 million strong. This transition has wide ranging socio-economic significance, not the least of which is...

When is it a Good Time to Remortgage Your Home?

Published on Oct 30 2010 // Mortgage, Personal Finance
When is it a Good Time to Remortgage Your Home?
If you pay attention to the media pundits who claim to know something about the state of our economy (and the housing market in particular) then you have probably heard that now is a terrible time to attempt to remortgage your home. For starters, keep in mind that these are the same people who were unable...

How to Negotiate When Buying a Home

Published on Oct 20 2010 // Finance Life Stages, Personal Finance, Real Estate
How to Negotiate When Buying a Home
The dream of home ownership is one that plagues many adults. Paying into a rental, month after month, may be cheaper in the short term, but over the long haul you can begin to feel like you’re simply flushing money down the toilet that could be going towards an investment in your future. But buying...

VA Refinance

Published on Oct 19 2009 // Mortgage, Supporter
Mortgage applications are on the rise, driven in large part by homeowners looking to refinance. For America’s veterans, that’s just another signal that now is the time to capitalize on a VA refinance. Demand for refinancing loans last week hit its highest level since the first week of June,...
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