Ask Yourself This One Question to Cut Back on Spending

Published on Jul 15 2013 // Debt, Savings, Shopping
Every day, marketers wear at our resolve.  You may resolve to be smart with your money, but then you see the latest gizmo, and you decide it would make your life so much easier.  Then you use it once or twice, and after that it sits in a cupboard. Or, you check out your favorite store and see a big...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – Thank You to Our Service Men and Women

Published on May 27 2012 // Finance Around The Web, Personal Finance
Many people plan barbecues and picnics on Memorial Day weekend, but it is also important to remember the sacrifices our service men and women have made.  Recently Vice President Biden gave a moving speech to families who had lost loved ones in the line of duty and recounted his own depths of grief after...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – President Obama, The Comedian

Published on Apr 29 2012 // Finance Around The Web
Did you watch the White House Correspondence Dinner?  We might have knew President Obama had a sense of humor, but who knew he was such a comedian?  His opening act was so good, the jokes so funny, and his timing spot on that he put the professional comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, to shame. Around the web,...

Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction

Published on Feb 01 2012 // Taxes
Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction
In this economy, many people are job searching, which can be expensive.  Between paying for resume quality paper, mailing out resumes and traveling to interviews, the search for a job can cost you quite a bit during a time when you can least afford it.  Whether you have been laid off or are simply...

Itemized Deductions vs. Standard Deduction

Published on Jan 26 2012 // Taxes
Itemized Deductions vs. Standard Deduction
How do I decide which tax form to file? Whichever one leaves me with the most money in my pocket, obviously. But how do I decide which tax form will give me the most money? Apparently, it all comes down to deductions. As a young married couple of two, do we file the standard deduction of $11,600 for...
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