Are you making these money mistakes?

Published on Feb 22 2014 // Personal Finance
Are you making these money mistakes?
Most likely, you’re already well underway with your financial goals for 2014. Are you saving enough? Spending less? Earning more? It’s easy to keep track of the numbers and see how much we progress—or delineate from our goals. But what about the money mistakes we make? Sometimes, it’s just about...

Why I Decided To Open An IRA

Published on Jul 26 2013 // Personal Finance
Why I Decided To Open An IRA
It was one of my big goals to open an IRA by age 26. For those of you who are younger than that, save even earlier if you can! I wish saving for retirement would have been on my radar sooner, but I was not deeply invested in learning about finances yet. I instead racked up personal debt all while taking...

Managing your Mortgage While Buying and Selling your Home

Published on May 22 2013 // Mortgage
Moving between houses is challenging enough, and sometimes we are faced with the problem of adjusting our mortgage at the same time. The changing of mortgages has to be carefully managed so that home owners can minimize costs. Luckily, simply calculating the break cost and understand bridging finance...

How to Pay for Grad School

Published on Apr 20 2013 // Personal Finance, Student Loans
After fighting myself tooth and nail, I finally decided this past year to go to grad school. For years, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to get a master’s degree, but for the longest time, I didn’t know what for. First, I applied to journalism school and got accepted. When the price...

How to stick with your goals for the new year

Published on Jan 06 2013 // Debt, How To Guide, New Year
How to stick with your goals for the new year
It seems to happen every year–everyone makes these great New Year’s resolutions and goals, start off strong in achieving them, and end up slacking off by the third week of January. You wouldn’t be the only one that this happens to. Scientists agree that it takes approximately three...

A Primer on P2P Lending

Published on Oct 16 2012 // P2P Lending
It’s no secret that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is one of the hottest movements in online investing today. However, many people are afraid to jump in because they believe that it’s, well, a scam. People are fearful of new things, especially when it comes to their money. However, P2P lending...

Lending Club: Peer to Peer Lending in the US

Published on Oct 01 2012 // P2P Lending
A form of lending that has become more prevalent in recent times is peer to peer lending. As the name suggests, it focuses on the idea of people lending to each other and to businesses, rather than using the banking system to facilitate such loans. One leading company providing such a service is Lending...

5 Reasons I’m a Fan of P2P Lending

Published on Sep 27 2012 // P2P Lending
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is definitely the most creative of the investing models, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of the movement. There are quite a few reasons to love P2P, and I’m going to break down my top five right here in this post. #1 – You Can Cut Out the Middleman P2P lending companies...

Why People are Scared of P2P Lending

Published on Sep 21 2012 // Featured, Investing, Loans, P2P Lending
Why People are Scared of P2P Lending
It’s interesting to me that so many people are afraid of P2P lending platforms, yet they’re more than willing sign up for – and max out – credit cards. Credit cards that are fleecing America. I think the fear stems from many factors, but the biggest issue is that p2p lending is relatively new...

Supporting Your Spouse Through School

Published on Sep 07 2012 // Finance Life Stages, Personal Finance
Supporting Your Spouse Through School
As someone who has been the primary breadwinner throughout our marriage, I am facing a new hurdle. Supporting my spouse through school, both emotionally and financially. I often wonder how other couples handle a situation when it seems to be so one-sided for such a long period of time. Back when I was...

Easy Finance for your Brand New Home

Published on Jun 08 2012 // Mortgage, Real Estate, Supporter
Are you looking for easy finance for your home? This may be the time that you think is fit to shift to a home that you own instead of staying in a rented apartment. However, buying a new home can be quite expensive but you could get easy finance for the new home that you are planning to buy if you are...

Free Coupon Codes For Best Deals

Published on Apr 26 2012 // Shopping, Supporter
Free Coupon Codes For Best Deals Who in the entire world does not love to shop and the same time save some amount of money while doing so? One of the best ways to do so is to buy online coupons and get certain amount of discount on the things that one wishes to buy. There are a lot of offers available...

Are You Living Out of Your Means? Learn From One Couple’s Financial Stress of Not Living Within Their Means

Published on Feb 28 2012 // Savings
Are You Living Out of Your Means? Learn From One Couple’s Financial Stress of Not Living Within Their Means
We all have those people in our lives. The people that complain that they never have enough money or are always down in the dumps because they are short on funds. However, when you look at their lifestyle, isn’t it easy to find many things they waste their money on. I know several people like this,...

Pay Biweekly to Shave Years off Your Mortgage

Published on Aug 24 2011 // Mortgage
Pay Biweekly to Shave Years off Your Mortgage
A mortgage is often the single largest debt you will take on during your lifetime.  When shopping for a mortgage and ultimately deciding how much to spend, many people often only consider two things—how much the overall mortgage will be and how much their monthly payments will be.  While those two...

How To Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

Published on Jul 18 2011 // How To Guide, Loans
One of the ways that you can increase the efficiency of your debt repayment plan is to consolidate your debt. A debt consolidation loan basically means that you are taking out one big loan to pay off two or more smaller loans. With a debt consolidation loan, you usually end up with one loan payment,...

What Happens if I can’t Pay my Credit Card Bills

Published on Jun 10 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
What Happens if I can’t Pay my Credit Card Bills
Failure to pay credit card bills can be very serious, resulting in increased debt, a damaged credit score, and potential lawsuits by credit card debt collectors. If you have a credit card, be sure to budget your finances so you can avoid these side effects of not paying your credit card bills. Late Payments Some...
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