Why Property Management Is a Great Business

Published on Dec 19 2013 // Personal Finance
Do you enjoy working with people?  Are you naturally social yet are a firm disciplinarian type?   Are you detailed oriented and organized?  Do you have a masters degree in management? If you like variety in your day and to do a number of different tasks, pursuing a property management career may...

6 Ways To Teach Your Kids All About Money

Published on Mar 22 2013 // Personal Finance
6 Ways To Teach Your Kids All About Money
  Kids are fast learners, and one of the best lessons that we can teach them is money management. However, money management is often hard for many adults to grasp, so how can we teach our kids about money in a way that is engaging? First, we can realize that there are opportunities to teach children...

The 10 Commandments of Money: Surviving and Thriving in the New Economy by Liz Weston – A Review

Published on Nov 05 2012 // Finance Books, Personal Finance, Product Reviews
The 10 Commandments of Money: Surviving and Thriving in the New Economy by Liz Weston – A Review
Liz Weston is a popular financial expert because of her advice and understanding of everyday people.  She gives clear advice and understands the psychology of people’s behaviors with money as well as the situations that can lead to money troubles. In recent years, one of those situations is the...

Personal Debts Rising in 2012

Published on Aug 03 2012 // Debt
The economy all over the world has been rough over the past few years and is not looking to be much better in the near future. Because of the tough economy, many consumers have been forced to find ways of making ends meet. The main way that individuals have found of dealing with this tough economic crunch...

7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save

Published on Mar 22 2012 // How To Guide, Savings
7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save
Creativity is a child’s bread and butter, so why not use that to your advantage to teach them about saving money? These clever tips are ideal for teaching your child how to make smart money decisions. 1.     It’s All in the Visuals Children tend to be visual learners. Hang up a savings goal...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up – Kim Jong Il is Dead Edition

Published on Jan 03 2012 // Finance Around The Web
The end of 2011 offered some interesting political developments.  The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, died on December 17 and was buried on December 27th.  There is much speculation about his 27 year old son, Kim Jung Un, and whether he has the maturity and experience to lead a country with nuclear...

Everything Finance Monthy Round Up – “Black Friday” Edition

Published on Dec 06 2011 // Finance Around The Web
Black Friday 2011 was marked by earlier store openings, more violence among consumers seeking out sale items, and an increase in sales over last year’s Black Friday by more than 16%.  Cyber Monday 2011 was also a success.  Does all of this shopping represent an increase in consumer confidence...

Role of Your Spouse in Personal Finance and Money Management

Published on Aug 09 2011 // Personal Finance
In most of the Indian families, the personal finance is something which is not managed by the couples together. It is only one person who manages the personal finance and money management of the whole family. In most of the cases the male partners and in a very few cases the female partners mange personal...

Start an Emergency Fund: 4 Steps

Published on Feb 21 2011 // Finance 101, How To Guide, Supporter
One of the most important personal finance basics is the emergency fund. An emergency fund provides a back-up source of funding that you can draw upon when you have unexpected expenses, or if you end up losing some portion of your income. While an emergency fund probably won’t solve all of your...

Active Income vs. Passive Income

Published on Jan 24 2011 // Finance 101
Active Income vs. Passive Income
The most basic of money management principles is to make sure that you have more money coming in than you have going out. This is vital if you want to find financial success. Of course, this means that you need to have some sort of income. Understanding where your money comes from is important, and you...

3 Basic Rules for Successful Money Management

Published on Jan 17 2011 // Finance 101
3 Basic Rules for Successful Money Management
It’s easy to make personal finances complicated. However, money management, at it’s most basic, doesn’t have to be complex. While increasing complexity comes with your progress in financial knowledge, and in different ways to earn and invest your money, it’s best to start out...
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