7 Inexpensive Gifts You Can Give Anyone

Published on Jul 12 2013 // Personal Finance
7 Inexpensive Gifts You Can Give Anyone
When it comes to gift giving, we’re always so tempted to go big or go home. However, some of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been completely inexpensive and thoughtful. When my husband picks flowers in the yard or leaves me a note, it’s seriously way more romantic than two dozen...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Student Loan Interest Rates Will Double

Published on Jun 30 2013 // Personal Finance
The student loan interest rate will officially jump on Monday from 3.4% to 6.8%. While this is bad news for those taking out new loans, it could have been worse.  One measure suggested tying student loan interest rates to the market, which could result in a student loan interest rate as high as 8.5%...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Boston Begins to Heal

Published on Apr 27 2013 // Personal Finance
What a crazy few weeks it’s been.  Just a few short weeks ago, the Boston Marathon bombing happened.  What followed was surreal with the entire city of Boston on lock down and shoot outs happening in the streets.  In the end, one suspect was dead and another was arrested.  Now Dzhokhar Tsarnaev...

Everything Finance Monthly Round Up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Edition

Published on Nov 25 2012 // Personal Finance
This year Black Friday became Black Thursday with many retailers opening their doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving night.  Did you brave the crowds, or do you prefer to snag your deals on Cyber Monday from the quiet of your home or office?  I am a fan of Cyber Monday, and I am looking forward to the...
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