What to Do with Gifts You Don’t Want

Published on Dec 30 2013 // Shopping
Unless you very explicitly told people what you’d like for Christmas gifts AND those you told listened to you and bought what’s on your list, chances are you’ve end up with a few presents you didn’t want.  If that happened to you this holiday season, don’t worry.  There...

Credit Card Processing With PayAnywhere

Published on Sep 01 2013 // Business
Credit Card Processing With PayAnywhere
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Much like the change of popularity from pagers to cell phones, the change between cell phones to smartphones is inevitable.  Along with the switch over to smartphones comes a demand to simplify the day to day functions of life.  As you already know users are able to check...

How To Budget: Your First Three Steps

Published on Feb 07 2013 // Personal Finance
How To Budget: Your First Three Steps
If you’ve never budgeted before, it can seem like a lofty goal. In truth, it’s much less complicated than it sounds. Having a budget is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your financial future. If you don’t know where to start, simply follow the first three steps below...

Tax Season 2013

Published on Feb 01 2013 // Taxes
Tax Season 2013
Tax season can be a nightmare even if you have done all the right preparation. The key to avoiding a stressful tax season is to start preparing NOW for the returns when you file taxes next year. Putting simple steps into action and you will get the best return with the least amount of stress that you...

A Review of Pear Budget: A Real Simple Budgeting Program

Published on Jun 04 2012 // Finance 101, Personal Finance, Product Reviews
One of the best ways to control your money is to keep track of your spending.  There are many different software programs that will do this for you.  Today we are going to look at Pear Budget, an online budgeting program.  You can try it for free for 30 days; after that, it is $4.95 per month to use. How...

Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction

Published on Feb 01 2012 // Taxes
Job Hunting? You May Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction
In this economy, many people are job searching, which can be expensive.  Between paying for resume quality paper, mailing out resumes and traveling to interviews, the search for a job can cost you quite a bit during a time when you can least afford it.  Whether you have been laid off or are simply...

Parents: What Teenagers Need to Know About Credit Cards

Published on Jan 02 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
Parents: What Teenagers Need to Know About Credit Cards
There’s a good chance your college bound teenager will obtain a credit card while attending college. Close to two-thirds of college students have at least one credit card in their name. In addition to the drugs and alcohol talk, parents need to have a “credit card conversation” with...

Money Tips for College Grads

Published on Sep 12 2010 // Personal Finance
You soon step out into the real world. A post graduate life or a life with a full fledged job and career takes you to a world of realities and responsibilities. Its time for you to earn your own money and understand your personal finances of supportive parents to pay your bills, you need to be in it...

Manage Account , Avoid Bank Charges

Published on Sep 09 2010 // Personal Finance
Are you good at managing your accounts. Or do you have the tendency to overdraw, and sometimes go overboard and do so beyond your authorized limit. True to its word, you pay for your uncontrolled withdrawals. Bank charges you overdraft interest at unauthorized overdraft rate, if your withdrawals go beyond...

Student Budgeting Tips

Published on Jan 20 2010 // Personal Finance, Savings
Being a student at university or college will be one of the best times of your life, so you don’t want to be continually stressed about money, or be stuck at home because you don’t have enough funds for a night out with your new friends. Therefore, you need to know how to create a budget...
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