What To Do If You Owe Taxes but Don’t Have the Money to Pay

Published on Apr 11 2014 // Taxes
What To Do If You Owe Taxes but Don’t Have the Money to Pay
Every year, the deadline for Americans to file taxes is April 15th (unless the day falls on a weekend, then the deadline will be extended by a few days).  Yet, year after year many Americans scramble to pay their tax bill.  Even if you file a tax extension online  you are still responsible for paying...

How To Spend Your Tax Return

Published on Mar 08 2013 // Taxes
Perhaps you were surprised to find that you would be receiving a gift from Uncle Sam in the form of a hefty tax return. Or maybe you planned it this way all along. So how do you spend your tax return now that you have it? If you’re like most Americans, your first instinct is to take a trip to Vegas,...

Increasing Your Income: Finding More Money in Your Current Job

Published on Mar 04 2013 // Personal Finance
Increasing Your Income: Finding More Money in Your Current Job
My husband would like a raise at work, and while that may be a possibility  in the near future, you can’t always rely on a raise to increase your paycheck. Here are three ways he has increased his income without getting an official pay raise or changing jobs. I also added a bonus tip too. Adjust Your...

Filing Taxes – Retirement Savings Contribution Credit

Published on Jan 20 2013 // Retirement, Taxes
Filing Taxes – Retirement Savings Contribution Credit
Like it or not, tax season is here.  You may be gathering all of your documents in one place in preparation for filing your own taxes or visiting your accountant. However, make sure not to forget the paperwork necessary to receive the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit, now known as the Savers’...

Consider Helping Your Child Open a Roth IRA

Published on Mar 27 2012 // Finance Life Stages, Retirement
Consider Helping Your Child Open a Roth IRA
This post is part of the Roth IRA Account Movement happening all across the personal finance blogosphere today. If you have a child, one of the best things you can do for them is to teach them how to be financially savvy and how to save for their future.  Even if the kids branch out on their own later...

Tax Breaks for Home Owners

Published on Feb 08 2012 // Housing Market, Taxes
If you are a home owner, you may enjoy having your own place and yet feel overwhelmed with the financial responsibility.  While owning a home can be costly, the government does offer some tax relief to lessen your financial burden.  As a homeowner, you may be able to take advantage of several tax incentives. To...

College Credits and Deductions Available When Filing Your Taxes

Published on Jan 25 2012 // Taxes
If your child is currently in college, you may be able to receive several credits on your tax return.  Two of the most common are the American Opportunity Credit (formerly the Hope Credit) and Lifetime Learning Credit.  In addition, if your child has recently graduated from college and is paying back...

Last Minute Tips to Save on Your 2012 Taxes

Published on Dec 02 2011 // Taxes
As the year draws to a close, now is not the time to just think about the upcoming Christmas season and the gifts you need to buy, but also to think of last minute things you can do to lower your tax burden in just a few months as you plan to prepare your annual taxes.  There are several things you...

Taxes 101: Getting Married? Consider the Marriage Penalty and the Marriage Bonus

Published on Nov 16 2011 // Personal Finance, Taxes
Taxes 101: Getting Married?  Consider the Marriage Penalty and the Marriage Bonus
My husband and I were married on December 1st.  We chose that date for sentimental reasons; my grandparents were married on December 1st, and they enjoyed a loving marriage for just shy of 64 years when my grandfather passed away.  While we were engaged, I mentioned our wedding date to an acquaintance...

Consider Opening a Flexible Spending Account

Published on Nov 09 2011 // Personal Finance, Taxes
Have you opened a Flexible Spending Account yet?  Open enrollment occurs during November and December depending on your place of business, and it is a great way to save money tax-free for medical expenses. What Is a Flexible Spending Account A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows employees to contribute...

What are Taxes, and Why Do We Need Them?

Published on Apr 25 2011 // Finance 101, Personal Finance, Popular, Supporter, Taxes
What are Taxes, and Why Do We Need Them?
Photo by DonkeyHotey Last week, many of us paid taxes, or filed a tax return for taxes overpaid throughout the year. This time of year often prompts many to wonder why we need taxes, and figure out what they are used for. What are Taxes? Simply put, taxes represent a contribution — of money —...

How to Increase Your Credit Score

Published on Jan 05 2011 // Credit Cards, Personal Finance
How to Increase Your Credit Score
Even disciplined spenders can find that their credit score is less than ideal.  Miss only a couple of payments or spend over your credit limit and you may find yourself having to deal with a low credit score.  This can hamper your efforts to get a good rate on a mortgage (or to even be approved for...

The Top 10 Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making

Published on Dec 28 2010 // Cost of Living
In 2009, the Daily Telegraph reported that sixty per cent of people who were planning to make New Year’s Resolutions intended making a resolution relating to their finances.  The spring is a great time for you to organise your finances and so here are ten easy New Year’s Resolutions that...
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