Top Four Budgeting Apps to Keep Your Finances on Track

Published on May 12 2012 // Written By // Banking, Cost of Living


If you are like most people, you have a smart phone or an IPad or something similar. Why not put these savvy technological devices to work for you by using apps that will save you money.

Top Budgeting Apps

1. Your Bank’s App – Free

Now that businesses have upgraded to the 21st century, it is very likely that your bank has a free downloadable app. Having your bank’s app installed on your smart phone or computer can help you keep track of your finances at the touch of a finger tip. There is no excuse for getting overage charges when you can check your account balance in less than ten seconds. Majority of bank’s apps allow you to schedule alarms and notifications. You can be notified every time money leaves your account, as well as what your account balance is at the end of the day or when your account balance goes below a certain amount.

Another cool option with many bank’s apps is that you can pay bills on the go. Utilize your time wisely when you are stuck standing in line or in a car (as a passenger of course), and pay your bills easily and quickly. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money on checks, stamps, and surprise overage fees when a company cashes your check later than expected. As a Chase banker, I love that I can deposit my check just by taking a picture of it.

2. Pageonce – Free

If you love the convenience of online banking, then you will love Pageonce. I, like many, pay my bills online, but I also have several different bank accounts. Pageonce allows users to add multiple bank accounts, as well as many other accounts. For example, you can add your car loan accounts, your student loan accounts, mortgage accounts, credit card accounts, and even your travel rewards.

Everything you need is on one page! If you are serious about online bill pay, this app is definitely superior than your bank’s bill pay. The best part, it is free!

3. Mint Budgeting App – Free

If you know anything about personal finance, then you must have heard about’s budgeting app links with your bank account and organizes your spending into categories. You can customize the categories, as well as customize where Mint organizes your expenses.

For a free app and website, it is a great basic tool. However, Mint does not provide the most up to date look at your spending. In fact, it can take up to a week for new expenses to show into your Mint account. Mint’s weekly updates are usually a little outdated too, which can be frustrating. Is Mint fully to blame? Personally, I think the banks share some blame too, since they can take up to a week to process a debit purchase or check. Your best bet for the most accurate look at your finances is to enter it in by hand.

4. BudgetCare – $1.99

Like said above, the best way to get the most detailed and up to date look at your budget and spending is to enter it in by hand. However, budgets on paper are easy to forget and stay accountable too. Interactive budgets, like the app from BudgetCare make sticking to one’s budget easier. While this app does require you to enter in every purchase you make, the task will also keep you accountable. Do you really want to make a fast food run when you have already spent your month’s allotted budget for dining out?

You can customize the categories however you like, as well. The pie chart is a useful visual to see your overall spending at the end of the month. You probably would have never believed that you were overspending by $100 on groceries if you didn’t keep track.

Final Word

There is no excuse not to budget with so many great resources at hand. What are your favorite budgeting apps? How have they helped you save money?



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