Few Good Books on Investing and Personal Finance

School’s out. Still, lots of young students went home with “suggested” reading lists to keep them sharp all summer (sorry about that, kids). So what’s on your summer reading list to keep you saving smart? Here are a few of our favs:

* The Everything Kids’ Money Book: From Saving to Spending to Investing – Learn All About Money!, by Diane Mayr: From allowances to lemonade stands to lawn mowing, you and the kids will learn a little bit of everything about money – making it, saving it, spending it wisely. There’s plenty of money games, mysteries and history lessons to hold everyone’s interest, too.

The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times, by Jean Chatzky: Best-selling author and financial coach Jean Chatzky tells us how financially self-made people got that way (spoiler alert: it’s not the lottery). She takes a timely topic and wraps it around everyday things – like financial freedom strategies and other sound traits and habits to pick up along the way.

The Orange Code, by Arkadi Kuhlmann, President of ING DIRECT, and Bruce Philp, founder of GWP Brand Engineering: We’re biased, but The Orange Code (TheOrangeCode.com) is a real page turner. Read how ING DIRECT succeeded by “being a rebel with a cause.” Our CEO of Savings shares his unconventional approach to all things business, money and living a principled life.

Wouldn’t you love to find one, just one, good investing book to take poolside? How about 3? Whether you vacation or staycation, here are a few great reads definitely worth your time.

The Intelligent Investor, by Ben Graham: The father of the “value investing” strategy lays out his successful long-term, disciplined approach. First published in 1949 and later updated, Graham’s recommendations are timeless. The intro’s written by his best-known follower, Warren Buffet, who calls it “the best book on investing ever written.”

One Up on Wall Street, by John Rothchild & Peter Lynch: Lynch is perhaps the most famous mutual fund manager, having led Fidelity’s multibillion-dollar Magellan Fund. His advice boils down to “invest in companies that you like.” Rothchild helps Lynch explain the strategy that brought such success.

Jubak Picks, by Jim Jubak: MSNMoney.com expert columnist Jubak explains his philosophy for profits in good times, protection in downturns and the biggest returns in the next upswing. His returns over the last decade significantly beat all major indices.

Read all you can and don’t forget to save a few bucks this summer. We hope this list is a good start.