Physical Document Storage for Businesses

Sometimes there is no way around storing actual physical documents. It becomes a critical part of your business when you need a place to do your document storage and you have none.

There is a common misconception in self storage. As it’s often used by those moving residences, storing an extra car during the off-season, or college students on summer break, self storage is typically seen as an option for personal use by consumers.

However, self storage is truly an untapped resource for businesses. As businesses grow and prosper, with it comes the need for additional workspace, a surplus of documents and often the requirement to keep extra inventory on hand. The investment to accommodate these needs can be costly.

Storage Solutions for Businesses

In lieu of purchasing or building additional office space, business owners can consider self storage to accommodate items that cannot fit in an existing location. Items that business owners can considering storing include:

  • Surplus inventory
  • Documents and records
  • Office supplies, parts and electronics
  • Unused or seasonal furniture
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Vehicles

So companies like are doing a great job in serving the physical storage market.

Benefits of Self Storage

As a business owner, you’re probably thinking: How can self storage help me?

Here are three key benefits for business owners to consider:    

  1. Protect Records and Investments
    Because most office spaces are only temperature controlled via the HVAC system, items like documents, records, furniture and electronics can potentially be impacted by humidity in the air. Many self storage facilities control the humidity in a unit, which helps to prevent damage to electronics, and keep documents from yellowing and furniture from smelling musty.
  2. Maximize Workspace
    Storing excess inventory and supplies takes away from revenue-producing space that could be used for current or future employees. In lieu of restricting employees’ workspaces, excess inventory and supplies can be removed from the office until they are needed, maximizing the area your employees have to be productive.
  3. Save Budget
    Expanding an existing office space, or purchasing a new one, is a costly investment, and one that many business owners would prefer not to take on. Self storage is a cost-effective alternative, offering a variety of units sizes and premium solutions that can fit into any monthly budget.