Do you want to be a Quiet Millionaire ?

Its been a while since I read a good Personal Finance book, because I usually get most of my personal finance advice from the Internet. So when I was asked to review, The Quiet Millionaire, I was like, do I really have to read about Personal Finance ?

But I’m glad I did because this book goes way beyond savings accounts, IRAs, 401ks etc. It helps you understand the important financial goals that a normal family has to accomplish and also guides you in the right direction. Imagine my surprise, when, after reading the book, I realized that I did not know how to reduce taxes effectively as well as have any idea about how to start a successful business.

Now, in this book, Brett Wilder stresses a lot on hiring a Fee -Only Financial Adviser, who will guide you in the right direction throughout your financial life, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that…Yet.

The Quite Millionaire, is written by Brett Wilder, who is a Certified Financial Planner® with over forty years of professional experience as a personal and business financial adviser. He founded the Financial Management Group, Inc. (FMG) in 1989, a fee-only financial management and investment advisory firm.

According to Brett, the quiet millionaire’s life has a purposeful direction, and it is pointed in the direction of a planned, charted course. The quiet millionaire does not live just for today, drifting aimlessly, being consumed by life’s daily activities, or mistakenly thinking that tomorrow will take care of itself. Rather, the quiet millionaire does give thought about tomorrow and knowingly commits to funding goals and objectives and to being protected against that stormy day. A financial course is carefully mapped out to assure arrival at specified destinations in life. The quiet millionaire is intelligent and mindful about how to have financial independence and security in order to flow with the happy currents of the life he or she chooses to pursue.

The Quiet Millionaire is a hardcover with 422 pages. The publisher is FMG Publishing, Inc.

The chapters are very well laid out that effectively describe the financial story of a quiet millionaire. See for yourself.

  • What Is Important about Money to You?
  • The Financial Management Review ™
  • How to Have a Positive Cash Flow
  • Do You Own the Right Assets?
  • Are You an Intelligent Borrower?
  • Are You Paying Too Much Tax?
  • How to Be an Investment Winner
  • How to Get Maximum Results from Employer Stock Options and Other Key Employee Compensation Programs
  • Are You Prepared and Insured to Financially Survive Life’s Risks?
  • Will Costly Health Care Wipe You Out?
  • Follow the Quiet Millionaire’s Path to Successful Business Ownership
  • College Part I: How to Manage the College Experience Successfully
  • College Part II: How to Make College Affordable
  • Retirement Part I: How to Quit Working as a Quiet Millionaire ™ and Not Run out of Money
  • Retirement Part II: How to Maximize Retirement Assets and Transfer Estate Wealth

After each chapter, Brett gives a very good summary of all the important concepts introduced in that chapter.

And last, but not least, the planning tools used by the Quiet Millionaire are available for download at the Quiet Millionaire website. Please check it out.

I strongly recommend reading this book.