How To Save When Saving Exhausts You

how to saveThere have been a few points over the past year or so where I have felt really felt burnt out in terms of my savings goals.

I might do a great job for a while and put hundreds of dollars away. Then, I’ll get an e-mail about a great sale at my favorite store or see my friend wearing a cute new pair of heels, and I get tired of saving.

Sometimes, I don’t want to save at all. Yes, I said it. Sometimes, saving isn’t that much fun.

Still, being a personal finance blogger, it’s my duty to stay the course. It’s my full time job to write about smart spending and saving, and although I’m sure my readers will understand if I mess up from time to time, I feel a responsibility to make good financial choices.

I’m human, though, and saving does exhaust me from time to time. Here’s how I get out of a savings rut when I know I’m in one. I hope it helps you to stay out of a rut too:

1. Make Sure The Goals are Clear and Detailed

Saving just to save isn’t very fun. There’s no point in just saving stacks and stacks of cash, especially if you have a stack of cash saved up already! As long as you are debt free and have a good retirement plan and an emergency fund, it really is okay to spend a little something from time to time.

However, since most of us aren’t 100% financially independent, it helps to make sure sure your goals are clear. Saying “I want to save money” is great, but it’s not very detailed. Make sure you give yourself an extra boost of motivation by saying, “I want to save so I can go on a vacation to France without feeling guilty,” or “I want to save so I can afford to send my kids to a good school without them having to suffer from debt.”

Big, general goals don’t produce results. Specific ones do.

2. Make Sure You Have Someone On Your Side

It’s even easier to get exhausted from you savings regimen if no one is there to support you. If your closest friends are having a bachelor party in Vegas or your mom wants you to accompany her on a beach trip, it makes saving even more boring and exhausting. Embarrassing as it may be, you have to let those close to you know your plans. Ask them to help you stay accountable.

Your real, true friends will find fun things to do that aren’t costly. Those who don’t care about your well being will either stop inviting you or make it all much harder by constantly asking you to partake in expensive activities.

Ultimately, we all know that we are supposed to save. However, it can get tiring after a while. So, remember to celebrate the small victories, choose your friends wisely, and keep your eyes on the (very detailed) prize.

I’m currently saving for retirement and to boost my emergency fund. What are you currently saving for?