Saving Money on Baby Shower Gifts

6224ba862e464b98b9834fef34b26ae1It is a funny thing. In the news, I keep hearing statistics about married couples not wanting to have one baby or anymore babies, or things like that. However, in July, I will be going to my eighth baby shower in the past nine months. Here are some of my tips for saving money on a baby shower gift, whether you have one baby shower coming up or eight.

  1. Match Sales with Coupons: I didn’t quite know that I would be going to eight baby showers within a year, but I did know I had a few coming up. Armed with this knowledge, I prepared early. I matched Kohls coupons, the 30% off with the $10 off of $30 kids apparel, with their sale items. At the time, I was shopping in winter, so it was very easy to find clearance summer baby clothes. Since I am aware that new parents receive a lot of baby clothes, I tried to only buy outfits that were bigger in size. I tend to buy 9-12 month clothing, since most parents have a lot of 6 months and under, yet they don’t receive more clothes until their baby’s birthday. Clothes were not the only thing I used coupons on though. I kept my eye on for deals on baby essentials, such as Aveeno Baby lotions. With a Target gift card promotion, manufacturer’s coupons, Cartwheel, and Target coupons, I was able to buy Aveeno Baby lotions for about $1.50 each. I was also to buy crib sheets with a Target coupon too. If you know a baby shower is coming, then keep your eyes out for baby deals and stock up at low prices.
  1. Buy New on Facebook: I didn’t get a chance to do this for a gift, but it is a good idea. I am a part of several local baby and children selling groups on Facebook. This has allowed me to sell baby items I no longer need, as well as to buy used items I do need. There are usually some offers for brand new baby items. These items are usually extras from new moms at a discounted price. If you find a local selling group, just post that you are ISO (in search of) NWT (new with tags) baby items. People should then post pictures of what they want to sell for you to see. Just be sure the items come from a smoke and pet-free environment for the best quality.
  2. Buy Bonds: This idea does not seem to be as popular as it once was. While bonds are not very cute and do not come with ruffles, they are a practical way to give. Spending $25 on a bond is like giving the child $50 or more, if they wait for the bond to mature.

All new moms will tell you that at a baby shower, they receive a lot of stuff. It is not rare to receive duplicates of an item or way too many clothes. No matter how many baby showers you are invited too, you don’t have to go broke giving the best gifts. It is better to give a small practical gifts then to spend more on something that may never be used.