Frugal Activities for Toddlers: Ideas for Two Year Olds

fa39de650b6546269a8cb38a1f63564aEarlier this week, I talked about frugal activities for toddlers for one year olds. Now let’s move up a year to the twos. It seems almost impossible to find a two year old that is not addicted to a smart phone or tablet these days. Whether you are guilty of this or not (no judgement here, I’ve been there), here are four activities for toddlers to try that will keep your busy bee entertained, as well as working on crucial developmental skills.

Reuse Those Easter Eggs

Now that your little one has entered toddler land, they may have realized this year that those cheap plastic eggs are amazing with hidden candy in them. You don’t have to wait another year before busting out the Easter eggs again. If you didn’t save your Easter egg stash, you can probably find several on super clearance at craft stores or even grocery stores.

There are a lot of fun things you can with leftover Easter eggs, but hiding them throughout the house will keep your two year old busy. You can either stick a small candy inside or non-candy rewards, like stickers, pennies, or beads. Another idea is to color the cups in an old egg carton to make it a color matching game with the Easter eggs.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Chalk has been a big hit at my house, so I am excited to try out Mommy’s Kitchen’s recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. You probably already have cornstarch and food coloring in your cabinet, so this activity would be free. You can buy foam brushes for about .45-.50 cents at your local craft store or even put the sidewalk chalk paint in a squirt bottle.

Crafting Ideas

Not all of us parents are crafting geniuses (ahem, me most of all). However, this doesn’t mean we should stay away from crafts all together. The cheapest entertainment can come from very simple crafts, such as allowing your child to cut (child scissors, of course) pictures from an old magazine or catalog and pasting them on a piece of paper. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even allow your child to string Fruit Loops or beads on a string or even decorate with glitter glue. Most of the basic craft supplies are inexpensive and can be found at any craft store or even the dollar store.

Michael’s Craft Store even carries .99-cent mini birdhouses or wooden boxes that your child can paint with a .50-cent foam brush and .45-cent bottle of paint. Yes, it will be messy (just strip them down to their undies and have them do the craft on a plastic table cloth on the grass), but your two year old will have a blast.

The craft store does not have to be a pricey place. And before you say your child is not into crafts, I would bet that most rambunctious toddler boys would love to shred paper with a pair of scissors.

Fun Bath Time

When it’s hot, tempers can get a little high too. What my little girl loves is when I let her take a bath in the middle of the day. I make it a little more fun with extra bubbles, food coloring, and perhaps a popsicle. You can even make your own bath paint recipe with this recipe. This works on so many levels because your toddler cools down, mommy gets a break, popsicle mess is easy to clean up, and hey, if Junior gets cleaned behind the ears too, then great!