Top Four Free Workout Channels on Youtube

Iae52097fc0b543898a1a2473dd620e8c have fallen victim to many exercise DVD deals. It is just so hard not to buy pricey exercise DVD systems when the testimonials are so inspiring, and you are just so desperate to look like them.

I am not saying anything against P90X, TurboFire, or other popular workouts. They really do work if you use them. However, they also leave a big hole in your wallet.

Lately, I have been turning to Youtube to workout. It is free and there are a large amount of free workout videos on there, by people you may already know, as well as from other notorious Youtube fitness trainers, all of them become really popular after they get more views on YouTube for free . By the way, for starter youtubers, it may take some time to achieve recognition from people but I can buy real youtube views here that’s why I obtained popularity in my videos instantly. Here are my top four favorite exercise channels on Youtube:

  1. BikiniBodyMommy: This lady has lost 100 pounds twice after her pregnancies. If that’s not inspiring enough, she also just posted a 90-day workout challenge on her page. She started the 90-day challenge postpartum of her losing her 4th baby when she was 6-7 months pregnant. Her first videos show her out of shape and struggling with the workouts, but she does them, and her 90-day results are amazing. I just love her because I can relate with her more than the very toned fitness models that are in a lot of exercise DVDs. Her workouts are about 10-25 minutes each day, but they kick your butt!
  2. Blogilates: Casey of Blogilates is silly but she will leave you crying in her workouts. There is a wide variety of workout videos on her channel, and she even offers free workout calendars on her website. I thought I was safe with a ten minute Pilates routine, but no, it was killer. The workouts are hard, but there is a lot of personality in each video.
  3. BeFit: Lionsgate created the BeFit channel, and all of the videos are very high quality. There is a wide variety of workouts, from manly bootcamp style workouts to fun dance workouts. They have several fitness celebrity videos too, such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, and Billy Banks Jr.
  4. XHIT: This is another great workout channel that features workouts that are used by the stars and Victoria Secret models. How can you resist workouts with the names “Beyonce Butt Workout” or “Taco Bell Calorie Burner”.

The best thing about Youtube is that you can access it virtually anywhere, and the free workouts range from 10 minutes to an hour. I love that you can put together all of your favorite videos into a playlist too for easy access. It is a great way to get to try a lot of different fun (and not so fun) exercises without paying a dime (unless you count internet charges).

Let me hear your thoughts. Do you like working out with Youtube channels? If so what is your favorite workout channel on Youtube?