Four Baby and Kids Items to Sell on Ebay for Quick Profit

1dfa0a85d3224d4eb3f38ef1625ed0a3It’s no secret that babies and kids can get costly over the years. Before you know it, you are up to your eyeballs in baby and kid stuff. Baby and kid stuff multiply over night! Thankfully all of those baby and kid goods can bring in some extra income. Here are the top Ebay sellers for baby and kid items.

1. Brand Name Kids and Teens Clothes: Popular and expensive brand name kids and teen clothing items are quick to make an extra buck. Forget selling common brands or out of date clothing – those will only cost you more time. Lots also do well, as long as you sell the same size and same style/brand name together. A lot of 11 teen girl shirts (and one pair of shorts) sold on Ebay for $29.99 with $13 shipping. Chances are shipping will not cost that high, so the seller will most likely ring in a profit of $26-27. That is a little over $2/piece, which is not huge, but still much better than selling at a yard sale.

Baby clothes seem to be a hit and miss on Ebay. I got lucky a few years ago and found a Burberry baby outfit for $1.99 at my local thrift store. I sold it within 24 hours for $75 on Ebay. Try listing the top of the line items as well as Gymboree sets for the best return.

2. Your Kid’s Classic Toys: If you have older kids, then there is a good chance you have some high quality toys in your garage that can be sold quickly. Many parents search Ebay for lego lots, vintage toys, 1980-1990 character toys, and American girl dolls. Round up your old toys and look up similar listings on Ebay. Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring merchandise is quite valuable on Ebay since they are not being manufactured anymore. I made an $10 profit on Harry Potter shower curtain hooks and $30 on a Harry Potter Clue game. It is worth looking up!

One more note on kids toys, toy lots can also be profitable for you. I made about $20 profit off of a Cat and the Hat plush lot that I had bought at a yard sale

3. Kid’s Book Lots: Individual kid books do not sell very well, since most buyers want to get the most product for their money. Instead, list your kid books in lots. The best lots are those of a popular series. A full set of Boxcar Children or Magic Tree House will sell quickly. Sometimes a combined lot of book titles will sell well, but it is best to keep like books together.

If you have popular and recent home school curriculum, Ebay is a hot place to sell it. Sonlight and My Father’s World lots move quickly on Ebay, as long as they are not too old.

4. Popular Baby Stuff to Sell: Like I said earlier, baby stuff can be a hit or miss. Some baby things that do well on Ebay are name brand carriers, such as Ergo and Moby. Boppy covers and JJ Cole car seat accessories are easy to sell and ship. Name brand cloth diapers are also quite popular to sell.

When it comes to your baby and kid stuff, when in doubt, look it up! Ebay offers so many free listings each month, that it is worth listing. If you don’t sell it, try two more times before moving on. You can then move to a Facebook selling page in your area, aconsignment sale, or a yard sale.