Three Tips for Extending the Life of Your Used Car

Each year, millions of people make a purchase that can either be a sound investment or a bad strategy. We are of course talking about the purchase of a used automobile. Any used car will cost the owner money over time, but the value it can provide to the driver in many respects will make up for the cost of ownership. Fuel, maintenance costs and aesthetic considerations are just a few of the costs that may pop up from time to time when owning a vehicle, but used cars in particular are more likely to have maintenance costs and repair work needed in their futures. If you have just bought a used automobile or simply want to know what you can do to add life to your existing car, then continue reading to find out about three tips that will help you get more miles out of it in between repairs. If you want to find the best used cars available, then visit Used Cars Near Me to see the best deals ever.

Check, Flush and Replace

The fluids that flow through your vehicle are quite literally the blood that keeps its engine pumping. Many people unfortunately neglect this notion until it is too late; a gradual drop in one fluid or another may cause damage to the vehicle that is not evident at first, but will ultimately shorten the life of key (and expensive) parts. Your power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, oil and any other forms of liquid in a second hand car should be completely changed no less frequently than once every two years. In the case of oil, it will be likely that this needs to be changed every few months. Older cars in particular are subject to more wear and tear from a prolonged period without oil changes, so always be sure to put forth a good effort in this area to save money down the road.

Rotate Your Tires

You probably did not know this, but the lack of tyre rotation can impact far more than just your tyres. Over thousands of kilometres, improperly rotated or balanced tyres can lead to damage in the axles, callipers and other critical components of your drive-train. Even if you are unsure that it’s time to have them serviced, you can inquire: some places will rotate and balance your tyres for free if you purchased a set from them, so be sure to take advantage of this. Not only will properly calibrated wheels on a second hand car ensure that the tyres remain in good condition for a long time to come, but it also helps with fuel economy. Saving money for future repairs should be a top priority, so there is no real reason to avoid balancing and rotating tyres periodically.

Purchase a Maintenance Plan

There are several maintenance plans and warranty programs out there for older vehicles that no longer are covered under warranty, such as the ones you might find on Craigslist or Gumtree. While the cost of these plans can sometimes seem like a bit much, they are designed to kick in whenever extensive repairs are required. Other maintenance plans will allow you to save money when going to the mechanic for smaller issues, which means that you’ll be more likely to take care of problems before they become bigger issues. This in turn will save you money over the years, as your vehicle will receive the treatment it needs to continue running and avoid huge catastrophes.