How an e-commerce site could give you the extra income you need

With the economy still leaving a lot to be desired and the cost of living always on the up, many people across the country are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and achieve the financial freedom that they want.

As a result, many people have come up with ingenious and innovative ways to make a few extra pounds, one of the most popular of which is setting up an online store.

Whether you decide to sell books, jewellery, handmade crafts or anything else, an e-commerce site can make that extra bit of difference to your monthly income, giving you financial security and an exciting new pastime.

Cheap to run

Unlike a lot of other start up businesses, the ecommerce website cost is very cheap to set up and affordable to run.

Though you’ll have to invest a bit of money in your stock before you can be-a-magpie, the site itself can be set up for almost nothing, and with a lot of template sites now available across the web, creating an e-commerce site has never been easier.


Keeping your website and your customers secure should be one of your top priorities, especially as a site that is secure will attract more customers and more business.

The best way to secure your site is to get an SSL certificate. This is especially important if you process payments on your site rather than passing them on to a third party company like PayPal.

You can find an SSL certificate free online or pay for a more thorough certificate and get extra protection for your store.


One of the most appealing things for many people about e-commerce sites is the flexibility that they offer.

Unlike a physical shop, an e-commerce site is open 24-hours a day. All you have to do is deal with purchases and marketing when it suits you, whether that’s during the working day or in the middle of the night.

This makes an online shop a great choice for those with other commitments or even another job, allowing you to top up your income in a way that suits you.

Offering flexibility, affordability and a potential income, online shops are a great way to make some extra money, learn about e-commerce and build a business to be proud of.