5 Top Tips to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

c07328d25f324b1ab841443aaa9b8564In this day and age —where social media rules supreme, and companies spend millions of dollars annually in order to find outreach their products to people connected to the online world —face-to-face interaction is often forgotten. Whilst we are not trying to infer that online marketing and outreach is in any a negative thing, or should be given less attention by said companies, we are trying to suggest that the value of face-to-face interaction when it comes to marketing your product should be seen as being equally as important.

Small businesses and recent start-ups should, more than anything, be wanting to create an image that is tangible. Whilst it is all well and good to furiously market your product online, being able to put a face to your product in the real world by allowing the consumer to see your product or service in the flesh, meet members of your team, and build real-world relationships should be just prominent in your businesses strategy.

Trade shows are an ideal example of places where these types of relationships between business and consumer can be formed. A trade show is an event that is attended by a collection of different businesses who all have interests within a certain industry. During the event, businesses showcase their products and services to potential clients, and network with other business owners.

With hundreds of trade shows taking place annually, within every niche, we have compiled a list of 5 pointers that will help businesses set up a highly successful trade show booth that will maximize the potential for relationships to be forged between business and consumer.

Get Noticed

First impressions are all important at trade shows, and all businesses are competing to be noticed. In order to help your stall be attract the most attention, investment in a good pop-up stand is crucial. Not only will this help get you noticed, it is also a great way of marketing your business. Jazz it up to ensure a good first impression.

2. Dress Smart

Appearance is key to making a good impression, so dress smart. This will help you to appear professional, as well as helping to convey to consumers that you are in control and know what you are doing just like when you buy some elo boosting services.

3. Be Personable

Without wanting to sound like a scratched record, a good personality is also key to making a great first impression. Man your stall with staff who are friendly, knowledgable, and willing to answer all sorts of questions. The ability to make conversation in a manner that is not forced or awkward will go a long way in terms of making the consumer feel welcome. Smiles are also infectious, so make the most of them.

4. Set Objectives

Your goal at a trade show is to make new business contacts and generate potential sales leads. It is of great importance that you ensure you have set in place a set of tasks that will help you to achieve this ultimate objective. Business cards to give away, raffles where people can leave their contact details with the possibility of winning a prize, and a goal in terms of how many people you are wanting to talk to are all good examples of such tasks.

5. Create a Rock Solid Theme

What is the theme for your event? Create something that gives a distinct message about what your business can do for people. Be consistent in the placing of this theme on all marketing collateral in order to present a cohesive image of your business. Try using this theme on the invitations and website announcing your trade show appearance, then ensure that your stall is suitably decked-out in accordance with the theme. Place it on brochures, banner stands, pamphlets and giveaways.

Having read these pointers, the only thing left to do is find a suitable trade show! You want to make sure the show you attend will be full of people who know and love what you do. Try using sites like Trade Show Adviser to find shows in your niche.