When Your Second Child is a Different Gender – How to Save Money

5dbf179b08f74876b48a5e53af1403abI still have a few weeks before I find out what gender my second child is. My first is a little girl, and even though we tried to keep things gender neutral, we have a lot of pink stuff. If we have a little boy, I can see the dollars signs spinning around my head, as I will have to get a whole new wardrobe and some other essentials. I am sure I am not the only mom in this predicament. So here are my ideas on how to save money on a different gender:

1. First, Who Cares if Some Things Are the Wrong Gender: While I don’t want to dress any future boys of mine in hand-me down dresses, it is fine if they are in a pink car seat or rocker. Not that many people will see the girly items, and plus, babies outgrow equipment so quickly, so it isn’t worth buying new gear. Similarly, baby girls can definitely reuse boy-themed gear and people will most likely not notice.

2. Exchange: See if you can exchange items with a friend or even through a Facebook seller’s group. It is worth asking if anyone will trade your pink butterfly pack and play for a manlier version.

3. Consign: If you cannot find anyone to exchange gear with you, perhaps you can sell all of your baby items at a consignment shop. You will receive a higher credit if you choose to get your payout in store credit. This will allow you to buy the essentials that you need.

4. Buy Lots: If I am having a baby boy, I do have two family members to borrow clothes from. The problem is that this baby will be opposite seasons as the other two. Therefore, I plan to find a baby boy clothes lot through Craigslist, Ebay, or a Facebook selling group. Buying clothes in a lot like this means that you will score each piece from .25-$1, which is a lot cheaper than buying the pieces individually through a consignment store. Thrift stores are also a good place to look for baby clothes, since they receive so many of them. They generally price their baby clothes under $1 per piece.

5. What’s Wrong with Having Another Shower: Many people may say that it is not right to have another baby shower, especially if you already had one. However, if someone wants to throw one for you, it really should not be a big deal. Many moms will understand that you need more diapers and clothes. Forget what the naysayers say about having a baby shower for your second child and enjoy being blessed with gifts. If you are truly worried about what family or friends will say, try to have a shower with people who didn’t get to attend the first time, such as church friends or co-workers.

So at the beginning on next year if this little babe is actually a boy, you can know that he might be sleeping in a pink room with pink damask bedding for a while. Obviously this is not because I don’t care about little man’s masculinity, but the truth is, he will not even notice for the first few years of his life anyways. I might as well save the money for something wiser.

When your second child was a different gender, did you spend a lot of money?