5 Free Family Activities to Do This Summer

summer emailHow many times have you heard your child say “I’m bored” this summer?

Too often, families expect to get a lot of family time in during the summer, only to be bombarded with social events and plans that leave you exhausted and not having any of that summer fun you envisioned.

Whether you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a family vacation, or simply are tired of not doing the things you want to be doing, there are always ways to take advantage of free family activities during the summer.

It’s time to step being inactive and start being pro-active to make the summer the one you envisioned.

Here are five free family activities to do this summer that the whole family will enjoy.

Bike Ride to the Park

Too many times we drive to the park and maybe do a picnic, play on the swings and then go home. How about making the ride to the park the focal point of your adventure? Walk or bike ride to the park and teach your children the pleasure of getting exercise in a fun and carefree environment.

Farmers Market

You may think that your children won’t be interested in grocery shopping, but farmer’s markets are a completely different beast. Studies prove that children who are involved in grocery shopping and cooking are more interested in eating their vegetables. Have your children pick out tomatoes, and tell them that’s how ketchup is made. Pick out some potatoes and show them that’s how French fries are made.

Turn your weekly mundane grocery shopping task into an exploratory trip and wach as your kids marvel in amazement. A bonus is that farmer’s markets usually offer some sort of treat, whether it be popsicles or a baked treat, that will keep your kids occupied.

Summer Concert

Almost every everywhere offers summer concerts in the park. Look it up through your city’s website or Facebook page about which offerings are available. Check nearby cities as well. A quick glance around my neighborhood showed several concerts in the park, Shakespeare in the park, Movies in the Park, and small craft fairs as well. Pick one, pack some food (maybe some wine for parents), a blanket, and you’re good to go. Just make sure to get there early to secure a spot!

Pool Day or Sprinkler Day

If you don’t have a pool, or don’t live near a community pool, become really good friends with your neighbors that own a pool. Children LOVE pools, and too often we skip the pool out of pure laziness. If you really can’t get to the pool, have your children run through the sprinklers. Some of my best memories are running through sprinklers with my cousins in our bathing suits. Add some slip n slides and you’ve got yourself a whole afternoon of fun.

Take a Hike

If you can’t have a beach day, then you can at least have a walk day. Expand your horizons and plan a long walk or hike where you’ve never been to before.