Five Easy Bread Machine Recipes That Will Save You Money

72892397cb9642d1a31ffab0b31a65a8Chances are you have a bread machine in your cabinet. When’s the last time you saw that old workhorse? I admit that my old trusty friend had been sitting in the dark pantry for many months, and I always seem to remember this device when my grocery budget gets a little tight. A bread machine is such a great tool to save time and money when it comes to groceries.

Don’t think that your cost savings are just narrowed down to bread either. I personally do not love making sandwich bread with a bread machine because I prefer the even slices of the store-bought package. Here are my top five favorite bread machine recipes that save the most money.

1. Pizza Dough: The cheapest I have seen pizza dough is $1.99 at Trader Joes. This ball of dough usually makes enough for one pizza. When I use the recipe from Snail Pace Transformations, I get slightly more dough and spend less than a dollar in ingredients. I like to add herbs and Parmesan cheese to the bread machine too, for a tastier dough. The dough cycle takes a little less than an hour, so even if you are at a loss for what to make for dinner, you can easily whip up this pizza before 7.

2. Knock-Off Starbucks Lemon Loaf: For the cost of one slice of Starbucks lemon loaf, you can make the whole loaf. The best part is that all you have to do is measure, dump, set the right settings, and walk away. Even the laziest or worst of cooks could pull this delicious loaf off. The recipe can be found at Once you perfect this loaf, you can even give it as a cheap but totally impressive birthday gift.

3. Pita Bread: I have seen several recipes for pita bread before, but as a non-baker, they still seemed too hard. The pita bread recipe from Dine & Dish really simplifies the whole process. Just dump the ingredients in, and once the dough is ready, you just have to divide the dough and let it rise, then bake them. A package of store bought pita bread costs about $3, where as this recipe will make more pitas for about a dollar’s worth of ingredients (depending on the cost of your flour). The savings adds up. For example, if you bought regularly bought a $3 bag of pita bread a week, then switched to making this recipe once a week, you would save $104 a year.

4. Hawaiian Bread: The taste of King’s Hawaiian bread is quite addicting, and it is quite costly too! This copy-cat recipe is pretty close and delicious. You can bake it as a loaf or separate the dough for individual rolls. Considering that it is pretty easy to go through a package of these delicious rolls in just one meal, this recipe can save some families quite a lot of dough (pun intended).

5. Ham and Cheese Pockets: Crystal Paine’s recipe for ham and cheese pockets is very easy and very versatile. I love that she takes the bread machine and uses it to make an affordable lunch/dinner. Instead of ham and cheese, you can fill your pockets with pizza filling, breakfast filling, cheeseburger filling, veggies and cheese, and so much more. This recipe also freezes really easily, so you can have an affordable and quick grab and go lunch. They may not taste exactly like a Hot Pocket, but they win for being healthier and less costly.

Have I convinced you to pull out your bread machine yet? If you don’t have one, you are sure to have parents or friends that are not using theirs. Even if you are a bachelor who cannot cook an egg, these bread machines recipes will rock your world (and perhaps impress a date).