Finally Know Your Credit Score (Totally Free)

credit cardHave you ever wanted to know your credit score? Isn’t it annoying how banks or other financial professionals say they aren’t “allowed” to tell you what it is when you ask?

Or, maybe that’s just been my experience since I’ve always wanted to know the number. (I’ve just never felt like paying for it!)

Well, luckily, I satisfied my curiosity and you can too all for free, people! I’ve been using something called Credit Sesame (aff) for a while, and it’s been nice to actually get the information about my credit score because I actually needed it when I was applying for apartments in the crazy NYC metro area.

Just a little background, Credit Sesame is an innovative company that allows you to check your credit score without having to put in a credit card number or remember to cancel a free trial. They base their number off of your Experian credit report, and although some people have said the numbers are slightly off, it will at least give you a good ballpark of where you stand. My landlord didn’t question it when I sent over the Credit Sesame number so I assume it’s close enough!

The cool thing is they also offer other free services, like credit monitoring. I love getting an e-mail every month that gives me an update on how I’m doing. For example, when I opened up a new credit card account, I got an alert that said a new account had been opened in my name. Luckily, I knew it was me! However, it’s perfect because had someone else opened a credit card in my name, I would have known about it instantly.


I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for credit monitoring that charge monthly fees or are pretty expensive, so it’s actually nice to know there’s a company out there who will watch out for the bad guys all while keeping you updated along the way.

If you’re interested in signing up, here’s what you get:

– A free monthly credit score

– Free 1-Bureau credit monitoring and alerts

– Free analysis of all your credit and loans

– Free $50k identity theft insurance and ID restoration help

If you’re wondering how Credit Sesame gives you all that for free and still keeps their business running, there are some paid options built into the site where they’ll recommend different banks or investment options. However, you only have to whip out the credit card and pay for them if you want to. Everything above that I listed, they’ll do just for signing up.

I’m sure you’ve gathered that you do have to provide your social security number in order to get your credit score, but that’s pretty standard. I can at least say that I find them to be a reputable company, I use them for myself and my husband, and so far have not had any trouble with information leaks or anything like that.

If you have not checked your score before, or maybe not recently? Click Below


** No Credit Card Needed **