How Some People Make Money Off of Couponing

e097a8720518486383db7b0deacbebadI know I just posted a few weeks ago about how couponing is taking over some people’s lives and that it can be a very unhealthy obsession. I could not leave the couponing issue there though, since some people have turned their couponing hobby into a good money maker. While I still think that one should always weigh the time cost vs pay when considering any job, I do think that some couponers are wise to turn it into a money maker. Here are three ways I have seen people make money with their coupons.

1. Sell Coupons: People have been selling coupons for several years, and the business has grown since the extreme couponing rage. I’ve seen several people sell coupons through a clipping service or Ebay. Of course, these people usually state that they are selling their time, not the actual coupons to avoid complications. Depending on how many newspaper inserts you get each week, this could be profitable of up to $100-300 a month.

2. Selling Stockpiles: Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people host yard sales or private sales to sell all of their stockpile they got for very cheap during their coupon adventure. They usually have rows upon rows of shampoos, diapers, make up, laundry detergent, and more. If most of the items they are selling were free or a moneymaker, then this could definitely be lucrative. Making $1-2 per item can end up to earning you $200-300, depending on the size of your stash.

Those who have stockpiles of clearance toys, like the lady I knew does, would make a greater profit.

So Is it Worth it to Make Money Off of Coupons?

While I am intrigued by the people that go through this to make money, it is definitely not something for me. I have sold some items I was able to get for free or make money off of. I have also made a profit off of items I got on deep discount. I enjoy the extra cash, but I would not be able to put the time and commitment to acquire and sell as much stuff as some people had.

Is it worth it for you? If you already love to coupon and have a huge stockpile, then I say try it out. You don’t need all a huge stockpile to live off of. If you already get several inserts of coupons, you can easily list them on Ebay to make a few bucks. However, if you don’t know the first thing about couponing, then it is probably better to find a different source of income that you can become passionate about.

If you do pursue these coupon money making strategies, always see if it is worth the time. If it takes you ten hours of time and effort to make $30, then it might not be worth it.

Are there any couponers out there that use these money-making strategies? I would love to hear your story!