Why You Should Buy and Sell on Fiverr

Fiverr-bigA few years ago I started an account on Fiverr selling some of my writing.

It was back in the early days of my side hustling, and Fiverr was brand new.

Because I was one of the first to sign up, I got in the game early. A few years later, I’ve made several thousand dollars thanks to the site, and it was one of the big reasons I was able to save enough money to become self employed.

I don’t sell on Fiverr these days because I like to get paid more than $5 for my writing, but it was a great way for me to get my feet wet in terms of side hustling. I do, however, buy services on Fiverr, especially when it comes to needing website help and having people fix other technical issues.

There are many reasons why you should check out Fiverr whether you need some work done or want to make some extra money yourself.

Why You Should Buy


It seems a little obvious, but you should buy products and services on Fiverr because it’s cheap! You can get just about anything accomplished from getting website content to having a logo created to even buying gifts like earrings or necklaces. Many of the sellers have been on Fiverr for years, and as long as they have good ratings, you can expect prompt turnarounds.

Fiverr really protects its sellers because you can always “reject” an order if you aren’t happy with the result. You can give your comments and critiques to the seller and they will have an opportunity to fix the problem. If they don’t do it in a timely manner, you can cancel the order and have someone else try their hand at it.

Why You Should Sell

If you have a skill that you don’t mind utilizing for $5, then you should sign up for Fiverr. It’s a great way to make a few extra bucks, but you should know some things first. It’s hard to get that first order, so you might want your mom or a friend to buy it and post a review (all honestly of course!) Once you get a few orders under your belt, you’ll start to show up more in the search rankings. Always do your best and be on time, and you will continue to stay high in the search rankings.

Try to really consider what your time is worth. Like I said, I was very successful with my Fiverr gigs; however, I was not making enough per hour to really justify continuing it after I became self employed. I make much more doing my own work with my own clients, but I still would recommend the site to those who are just starting out or who really need to make an extra buck to make it to their next paycheck.

If you want to check out Fiverr, you should! It can’t hurt to try it out, especially if you want to make some side money!
Do you use Fiverr?

Photo Credit: Fiverr